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    Default Swimming in the ocean at CTI

    Can you actually swim in the ocean at CTI or is there only the pool? I thought I might have read this somewhere but can't find it. This will be our first AN experience and the idea of frolicking in the ocean naked is more appealing to me than the pool.

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    At CTI I would say you can get in the ocean to cool off, but I wouldn't say frolic or swim distances. There are 2 sandy areas off the island where you can get in to cool off, but that is about all I would attempt to do there. This past December I waded out a bit too far, a wave hit me and threw me into the non sandy area- grassy and full of sea urchins, I lost an expensive pair of sunglasses and got 20 urchin spines in my heel. Needless to say, it was a painful lesson and I am very thankful that it was my heel, not the sole of my foot or any other tender area of my body. It did not ruin my trip by any means- I went to the nurse and was careful afterwards. But after returning home, and the spines started to work their way out, I hobbled into the doctor to get the spines painfully removed and I had take antibiotics to fight an infection. SO with that said, we are returning to CTI in less than 2 weeks and I will be wearing my aqua shoes every time I enter the ocean. ***Do trading places for a day and head over to SSB at CSS if you want to frolic ad swim in the ocean.

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    You can swim off the island, it's just a little more challenging then off the main beach that's all.

    We swam off the dock while we were there last year. There's not a lot of actual beach area to swim in, but it can be done without too much trouble.

    You DO have to watch out for urchins and what not, because there are rocks and coral very close to the Island.

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    We always snorkel off the island (yes, naked). You do need to watch yourself as the reef is very shallow in some places and urchins abound. But we always enjoy it!

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    See I was kind of wondering at this. IIRC, when we went to CTI last year, I saw a couple go out to the Isle with masks and snorkels from the water sports hut, and then start snorkeling. A couple times I went out into the water from the Isle, from the steps on the right-side, and it didn't seem like the water got deep enough, quick enough, for me to swim (It looked like I would bump the bottom with my arms / feet.)

    I know the water by those steps only went to about my knees or so, which means with one moderate swell my chest would bump the bottom if I were trying to swim!

    If I did want to try snorkeling A/N off the Isle, any suggestions on where to go into the water?

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    There were couples in the ocean this year when we were there. Some were swimming and "frolicking" others just floating. The island is a reef, so you do have to watch for coral and sea urchins.

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    I've always wondered if you could put a platform off the north side of the island (side not facing resort) with a ladder. Water is plenty deep there and I agree that really swimming in the ocean is not something to be missed. I supposed it would be a bit dangerous, but they do have those cliffs over in Negril..

    I've seen people snorkle around the whole island, naked at that. But the water really isn't that deep between the resort and the island, and I have no idea how they managed the reef.

    So the short answer is that you can swim off the dock and off the stairs on the east side (private side) of the island. We go several times a day. But its not the true experience and you do need to be wary of coral/urchins and other sea dwellers. I always wear watershoes or tevas in that area.

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