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    James & I were on vacation @CSA from May 25th thru May 29th (way not long enough) Our " Vacation Of A Lifetime " was absolutely perfect!!! But, we're back home and back to work. I do believe we are having Vacation Withdrawals... Is that even possible? We just want to go back! For anyone that has never been to CSA, you need to make it a priority... That's just how "Great " this place really is. I guess I'll stay busy planning our wedding for May 25th 2013. James, ask me to marry him while we were there. Perfect Timing! Perfect Place! There's not a week that goes by, that we don't look at all the pictures of our Vacation. Silly? Maybe! We love Couples Swept Away!!! James & Lynda Mobile, Al

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    I totally agree!

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    Wait til you've been a couple times! It only gets worse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    I totally agree!
    It is so good to see that other people fill the same way that we do!

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    Gosh! Maybe we should just move there. Do you think that they have any job openings? I can't wait until we get to go back to CSA. Maybe next summer... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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    James and Lynda
    Hate to tell you this but you may be in the Couplesholic group like us. We can't stop thinking and talking about Couples. We just returned from trip 8 and we had another awesome time. It only gets better.

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    The only cure for this type of withdraw is to book again and start a new count down clock

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    The only cure for that problem is to book your next trip back to Couples!

    After our first visit to CSA, I would literally cry sometimes when I thought about it or listened to my Bob Marley CD. I wanted to be back there so badly! So we went back to CSA and it was just as wonderful as I remembered (if not better because you truly feel like you're going home).

    We were curious to try another property and booked a Secret Rendezvous for this September. We found out (sooner than we should have) that we were going to CTI. I'm excited and curious, but wondering if I'm going to miss being at CSA. So we booked another trip to CSA for April 2013 while they still had the special going on! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have TWO trips to look forward to!

    Yeah, okay, we don't have kids and are fortunate to be able to afford this but we're not rich. We watch our spending and don't waste money on things we really don't need so we can take these amazing vacations. Life is too short not to enjoy it while you can! And keep your eyes open for the specials because you can really get some good deals!

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    You know it is surprising how many couples I know that have TWO Couples trips booked! These are not rich people. They are just taking advantage of the early booking rates. This speaks volumes about how great Couples resorts are.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll be keeping a look out for any good deals that come along, because we are definitely going back to CSA! I think I like the idea of being in the Couplesholic Group. It feels "Good"

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    I agree with all the posts! We have been to CSS twice in the last year, and are planning our 3rd trip for December-WooHoo! Our goal is every 6 months, we are truly addicted to not only the resort but Jamaica, the laid back atmosphere, and "no problem mon" attitude. I look at pics weekly, it does get harder the more trips you make, but looking forward to the next trip is that much more exciting!!

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    Went to CSA Jan 2011 and going back Oct 2013. That is way too long of a span, but with 3 kids still at home, that's all we can do. The countdown has begun and I think about our trip daily.

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    We just got back on saturday from CSS, and Im totally having withdrawel.....we have two kids, so it will be awhile before we are back, but we WILL BE BACK, as it was the most amazing awesome experience. Its hard to put into words, the only thing I can think of is PURE BLISS.

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    You are well on your way becoming a card carrying member of the Couples-holic club. You can check out my thread on the subject. It is true that once you go, you know. Now that you are looking forward to getting married, any other place on earth will not be right for your honeymoon other than CSA.
    We are CSS fans and only have been there once, but we are happy that the Couples bug has taken us hard. So much so that we do have trips 2 and 3 already booked. You will never find another resort chain with such a loyal following as Couples does. That alone tells you all you already know.
    Welcome to the club of Couple-holics. Our withdrawals started when we got on the sad bus back to mobay airport and hasn't subsided since October last year. 75 days and 439 days to go before we are back "home".

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    Welcome to the club! It doesn't get any easier! We were married there in 2006 and got to stay for 14 nights. Best vacation ever! We finally got back last October for our 5 year anniversary, and are booking for our 3rd trip for October 2013.

    Have you thought about getting married at CSA? Couples does a great job with weddings, and the pictures are beautiful!

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    Been back from CSS for almost two weeks and ccan't wait to go back. Have booked for 2013!

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