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    In everyone's opinion, which resort has the best pools. We have never been to Couples and I love the pools at the other resort we stay at.
    We are really not beach people so large pools and swim-up bars are a must!

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    The pool bar at CN is awesome, but the pool itself isn't super huge, it's the perfect size. On the top level, there are hot tubs on the north and south ends, just outside of the pool, a pool volleyball area on the north end in the pool, and plenty of other area to hang out in. Then there's an infinity edge-style 2ft waterfall down to the lower level, which is the pool bar area. The pool bar has a pool side and a dry side that opens out to the beach. The pool part of the pool bar is approx 1000 sq feet, and the upper part of the pool is approx 3875 sq feet.

    All that being said, the pool bar it CN is the most happenin place at the resort during the day. It is really fun and it's centralized, right in the middle of the resort, and pretty much on the beach.

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    They all have swimup bars but couples negrils is the largest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfrancis76 View Post
    In everyone's opinion, which resort has the best pools. We have never been to Couples and I love the pools at the other resort we stay at.
    We are really not beach people so large pools and swim-up bars are a must!
    CN has the biggest of all the resorts, and everything is centralized around that pool. You had a nice view of the beach from the pool so you never felt like you were missing out. They did play volleyball regularly while we were there, so not always a quiet spot if that's what you're looking for.

    CSA had 3 that were more spread out, but the biggest was more for laps across the street with the tennis courts. The two closer to the beach (only 1 with a swim up bar) were smaller, but still nice.

    CSS had 2 primary pools. One was more isolated and very private over by the spa area. The second which had the swim up bar was over near the beach, but a little bit back from the beach. They also have a 3rd pool (also with swim up bar) at the SSB, but it's AN so not sure if you were looking to try that out. Other cool thing about CSS were where the fresh water from the mineral grotto and waterfall by the spa made it's way to mix with the salt water. Not being a fan of the salt water myself, this made it more tolerable to actually be out in the ocean plus it was really refreshing as it was typically a lot cooler water.

    CTI has 3 as well, one on the AN island which included a swim up bar, and two others that were nice sized (1 with swim up bar).

    If you want the social scene - go CN. If you want private tranquility go CSS - either way, you can't go wrong!

    We've stayed at 3 of the 4 with a day trip to CTI and can't imagine vacationing anywhere else. Looking at booking our 4th trip now!

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    It's not the pool at SSB. They have a KIDDIE pool. Half of it is only 1' deep.

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    Hands down the best pool is the swim up bar at CSA!!! two waterfalls and its plenty big enough even if there are a lot of floats in the pool. There are also 2 hot tubs, one on each side. The view is amazing and they have the best bartenders!!
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    wfrancis - If you are looking for extravagant pools, you may be a little bit disappointed in the pools at Couples. For example, if you are looking for a lazy river, or slides, or that sort of thing, you won't find it at Couples. However, CN does have the biggest pool (and it has a swim up section) and it is definitely the focal point of that resort.

    CSA has a swim-up bar, along with a pool on the other side of the resort near the Palms (which is perfectly nice but nothing fancy except for a beautiful view of the Caribbean) along with a wonderful lap pool in the sports complex. At CSS, there is also a swim-up pool that is along the main beach, together with a beautiful pool overlooking the cliff near the sports complex. Then there is another pool further up the cliffs (near the Balloon Bar) that has a spectacular view of the Caribbean. Not to mention to pool at SSB. I haven't been to CTI; I'm sure others can address this.

    The beach is clearly the star at Couples, especially on the Negril side.

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