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    I just booked our very first trip to Couples (or anywhere outside of the USA for that matter) at Sans Souci on April 22-29!!!! You couldn't wipe the ear to ear grin off my face even if you tried!!! lol

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    You have a lot to be excited about!!

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    For your first trip outside the US, not only are you going to freak the hell out at how awesome it is, you pretty much just ruined your image of anywhere else you might go in the future! Couples spoils the crap outta ya!

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    Hi Crystal Percival!
    Very happy for you! I know that excited feeling that you speak of! We have been to CSS once and CTI 2 (going on 3) times!
    You will LOVE Couples!! and JAMAICA! Have a wonderful vacation! Welcome to the Couples family!

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    Good for you Crystal! It's going to be a long wait, but worth it! (and the time will pass before you know it)

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    I agree with dank120, you couldn't have chosen better than a Couples resort but its going to make planning the next trip (outside the US) very difficult to beat. You will probably think that this is what all other resorts/hotels are like. Well, let me tell you girl, it ain't! I suspect that you may get hooked......bwahahahahaha!! Enjoy your new home and let us know how you get on!

    You may have already sussed this out but CSS has a nudist beach (not clothing optional). Many people have their first experience of nudism at a Couples resort and most never go back. CSS is the perfect venue for it as the beach is separate from the main beach so everyone who prefers to stay on the 'textile side' never needs to be faced with naked people. Also, the beach is pretty much private and there are rarely gawkers (you are far enough away from them that it is a non-issue anyway). My advice is that you should try it out. It'll change your life. I am not kidding...go to the 'feedback after your vacation' thread on the first page of the Au Naturel section here on this message board. Read it through and then make your mind up. If you want to try, try on the first day. So many try it the day before they go home and regret it. It is not Hedonism and there are no antics. No-one takes photos of you. If you want to be alone then you are left alone. If you want to mix then people are very welcoming. All sizes, all shapes, all ages, all irie! There is a lovely pool with a swim up bar, a hot tub and a food buffet that runs all afternoon.


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    Keep reading the posts to stay up to date on all the happenings. I know you will whip yourself into a frenzy before you leave!!!!

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    Just returned from CSS. Have already booked for next year! It is beyond awesome!

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    Wait until you get there. You won't be able to wipe it off the whole time your their.

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    Congrats Crystal Percival! You will love it! We are addicted-been twice in the last year, and planning our 3rd trip for December. Our goal is going every 6 months! We truly feel CSS is our second home. Once you go, you will know!! Have fun!

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    Congratulations! We just returned from CSS yesterday (our first time as well) and we are having withdrawal! You will LOVE it! We are planning to return next year. It was, without doubt the most stress-free and relaxing place we have ever been to. Again-congrats-you will not regret your decision!

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