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    Default couples massage at CSA

    I am not the most forward thinker at times, is it possible to have 2 female Masseuses for our couples massage? And how does one go about requesting this, when you sign up?

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    When you sign up for your massage, they almost always ask if you prefer male or female. If they forget, just tell them you would prefer two female spa employees to do your massage. Most of the spa employees are women anyway.

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    Had the couples massage @ CSA in June 2012. They did not ask, both were female though. In fact I did not see any men working at the spa.

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    There is one man, he was my masseur for our couples massage and was wonderful! I wouldn't bat an eye at having him!!!

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    thanks for the responses

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    My husband and I had 2 females at the couples massage. They asked when we scheduled our appt.

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    Are massages part of the all inclusive price or are they extra?

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    the massages are extra

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    a 25 minute couples massage is complimentary on your honeymoon if you have proof of marriage within the last 30 days. Otherwise, it's extra.

    My husband and I upgraded to an hour long massage and it was so worth it.

    We had 2 women as well, and I don't believe they asked us what we preferred. It was just fine!

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    They are extra. For a couples massage it's $210 for 50 mins and $300 for 90.

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    They are extra.

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    We have also always had ladies at Couples and every place we have been now that I think about it.

    I recommend you go for the longest hot stone massage available! You will feel like a wet noodle when they are finished with you. I think the SPA is one of the things I look forward to the most when we are heading out to Couples. Wish I could afford to get one a day!

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    Oh Fluffin I agree with the hot stone massage. That is the one I always have when we are at CSA.
    It is amazing and yes I would love to be able to do it daily.

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