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    My husband and I have been contemplating our 4th return to Couples and are probably going to book the SR in August. With our first 3 trips, we stayed at a different resort each time and fell in love with all of them. The one we haven't stayed at was CTI, although we went to visit while we were at CSS.

    My question is this... what percentage of the time do you actually get placed at the different resorts? Is it 25% chance for each of them or is it closer to 90% of the time you'll be in CTI or CSS and only 10% you'll wind up at CN and CSA?

    Nothing against CTI, but it was the only one without the "jungle" feel that we loved at all the other resorts - especially CSS!

    Any regrets from anyone who has done a SR before? What did you like/dislike about booking this way?????

    Eagerly awaiting a re-do of our 2010 trip where I found out we were pregnant 5 days before we left...

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    It all depends which resorts have unused rooms. We did it 3 years ago and got CSS and saved a bunch of money. It's Couples after all. We love csa's beach so we probably won't go back.
    expect to get Tower Isle or CSS and you may be surprised. They're all good.

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    From years of hanging around on the message boards it appears the majority of SR are placed at CTI, CSS and a rare few at CN, CSA.

    Since August is the slower month you may have a higher chance of the Negril properties but I would not count on it.

    We were at CTI last August and simply loved it. The only thing that keeps us from booking a SR is that I am afraid we would get CSS. While it is a beautiful property all of the steps is a deal breaker for us due to mobility issues. I wish the SR had an option for opting out on one property.

    Other then that I would do SR with no hesitations. All of the Couples resorts offer the best in service, dining, inclusions and amenities. You really cannot go wrong ;-)

    Good luck in making your re-do happen!!!!!

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    we have been to CN several times and CSS once,

    We booked an SR in May for September visit and we already have been notified that we are going to be at CTI even though we are not supposed to find out until a week prior.

    We are excited, we have been to Jamaica (15) times and about 1/2 of those trips were to Negril and the other 1/2 were to Mobay or Ocho. We have (3) trips to CN and (1) to CSS in the past so we are looking forward to CTI and something new.

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    Fluffin, Don't let the steps stop you from going to CSS. My husband has COPD and his breathing during any exercise is really bad. We found out after getting back last year that he had severe lung infection, so it was even worse. When we wanted to go up to the office, or to Casonova, we would call for the van, and they would pick us up. He even had it take him to SSB and pick him up from there a couple of times when he was feeling low on oxygen. There might be a few areas that you could not explore, but give it a try.

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    drbcwp, how did you book sr in May for sept? i thought those rates were just released? i'm dying to know what october will bring, so if you could share your secret...

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    It was a wednesday special

    We would normally never book a SR but we wanted to try CTI and we guessed that we would get that with the SR and it was a great rate.

    they called one day and asked if we wanted to upgrade the room and I said "well, I guess that I know the resort now" and she said "yes to CTI"

    they let us upgrade the ROH to Ocean View for $50 for the whole week, no brainer.

    The Airfare was more than the room.

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    Sooo jealous! Cti is amazing! Enjoy!!
    And airfare is such a frustration!!!

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    I'm trying to book a secret rendevous but every date from now until August is booked. Am I doing something wrong????

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