My husband and I have been contemplating our 4th return to Couples and are probably going to book the SR in August. With our first 3 trips, we stayed at a different resort each time and fell in love with all of them. The one we haven't stayed at was CTI, although we went to visit while we were at CSS.

My question is this... what percentage of the time do you actually get placed at the different resorts? Is it 25% chance for each of them or is it closer to 90% of the time you'll be in CTI or CSS and only 10% you'll wind up at CN and CSA?

Nothing against CTI, but it was the only one without the "jungle" feel that we loved at all the other resorts - especially CSS!

Any regrets from anyone who has done a SR before? What did you like/dislike about booking this way?????

Eagerly awaiting a re-do of our 2010 trip where I found out we were pregnant 5 days before we left...