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    Default CSA - Palms - smoking section

    Can we get the smoking section back at the Palms restaurant @ CSA please.

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    When did they change it? Is the Palms all non-smoking now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddores View Post
    Can we get the smoking section back at the Palms restaurant @ CSA please.
    Did they just remove it? We were there in April and it was still there......bummer.

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    When was smoking banned at The Palms? Is it also forbidden now at Patois?

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    In May they eliminated smoking section from dining tables. However they setup small tables and chairs right in front of bar. And you can still smoke upstairs at martini bar area.

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    They still had a smoking section at The Palms when we were there in February.

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    I, for one, certainly hope so. Not to cause a big stir on this board but smoking in a designated area in an open restaurant is like telling people to only pee in one corner of the pool. It all gets around to the other folks eventually.
    COUPLES...please keep all restaurants non-smoking.

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    ita, cjp...

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    There was smoking allowed in March. I am a former smoker...many years ago... and did not find the smoking area at Palms offensive. I have pretty sensitive nose and was never disturbed

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    Just an honest opinion from a smoker- I dont think smoking should be allowed in the restaurants. I am all for smoking outside, but i prefer not to have smoking around me when I eat.

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    Can you still smoke at the bar at Patois Patio?

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