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    Default Is Dunn's River Fall Safe for Non Swimmers?

    I have a question for you guys. This August will be my 3rd trip to CTI, but my husband and I have never done the Dunn's River excursion. The main reason is because I can't swim and the thought of drowning terrifies me. I'm okay with floating in the low end of the pool (no danger there) but a whole water fall? I'm not so sure. In your opinion do you think I'll be okay if I go on this excursion or do I need to by pass this one like in the past? Also, if I go with my husband can I tag along and just watch from below?

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    There is no real swimming involved unless you look for a place to do so. It is mainly climbing while holding hands in a long line. Should be no problem.

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    You don't swim at DRF- go for it!!! You will LOVE IT!!

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    I would's a great experience. we've done it twice and you're never "under water". there is one spot where you slide down some rocks into a shallow pool and may go under but you can stand there if I remember correctly, but you can also skip it. The rest of the climb is just a lot of water at your feet and splashing on you. You should at least go once.

    good luck.

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    yes, it is safe for a non swimmer

    the water never gets above your chest and that is only a few places, you are holding hands with someone in front of you and behind.

    You can watch the whole trip up from the sidelines, there are several places to view the climb

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    It's been a little while since we were at Dunns River but I think you would be fine. There are tons of videos on YouTube that help you get a feel for what kind of waterfall it is. It was always shallow enough to stand in from what I remember. We held hands in this long line as well. If you don't feel comfortable doing it I blieve there were stairs along the side that went up the whole way. Make sure you bring water shoes!

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    It is fine for non-swimmers as you don't really swim anywhere. That being said, if you are afraid of the water or paranoid about drowning, you may not be comfortable. If you can relax and enjoy, go for it. Loved the experience!

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    There are steps at the side of the falls so if you dont want to join in and get wet, you can just walk up those all the way up to the top. (You can take great photos from them too).

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    My husband does not swim and we did it just fine. He is not afraid of water but it never was very deep.

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    Hey, I'm a non swimmer too and we went to the falls there is no need for swimming, you walk in water up to your hips depending on how tall you are and just climb up. There is a point were they slide you down into a pool of water but I said no and that was fine with them. You will have a lovely time. Its great fun! Just remember to take water shoes with you.
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