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    My (soon to be) wife and I will be spending out honeymoon at Couples Negril. I was hoping that I could get some advice as far as things we should know, like what we should definately bring, things to avoid bringing, and maybe a little about what we can expect when we get there. Any help or thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Read the FAQs on this web site. You'll find a lot of helpful information.
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    What's the dates you will be there?
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    Don't over pack! Bring more swim suits then you thing you will need and less regular clothes! LOTS of sunscreen, a hat, a shirt for snorkeling if you burn easily and the most important thing to bring is.....


    Things in Jamaica will move at a very very very sloooooowwww pace. If you are the type to get impatient you might want to take some extra deep breathes, grab a cold one and just chill......SOON COME ;-)

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    Bring: SPF, Off wipes (for bugs), long pants and closed toed shoes for him so you can eat at Otaheite, something to read on the beach (if that's your thing), sundresses for her, multiple bathing suits, a waterproof camera, after-sun lotion, single doses of any over-the-counter remedies you might need (like advil or excedrin, tums, sudafed, whatever) and a ball point pen so you can fill out your customs documentation on the plane even if they don't have pens to pass out.

    Don't bring - fancy jewelry, your laptop, or too many clothes (you are going to be in your bathing suits most of the time unless you plan on doing a lot of non-water excursions).

    It may be that your room isn't quite ready when you arrive, so you might want to bring a bathing suit in your carry on so you can change and go down to the beach or pool, or if you don't want to do that, go have some snacks in one of the restaurant. We were disappointed that our room wasn't ready, but then we realized that it didn't matter! We just relaxed and had some lunch and then our room was ready.

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    Here is a great thread that answers a lot of this, long but so worth the read!

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    Little flashlight to see in the safe that is located in the closet, that doesn't have a light. Insulated mug .Fill up at the airport and never let it get empty the rest of the week!

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    Bring at least one set of dress up clothes for the reservation resturant. Bring a couple of casual outfits for the other resturants. Bring several swimsuits. Make sure you have something to wear home. After that "IT IS ALL GOOD". I hope you have a GREAT time.

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    Bring your extention cord. You will need it.

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    We will be there November 5-12.

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    We used the old adage "pack less clothes" on our last trip. Unfortunately, it rained most of the trip so we didn't used the many bathing suits we brought. Needless to say, we didn't pack enough clothes.

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    Bring "fat pants" for your trip home because after a week of CN food & drinks, you aren't going to fit too comfortably in your regular clothes for the trip home .... LOL.

    Beside all the other suggestions that others have said before me, bring:
    - Small bills when it comes to money .... Nothing larger than a US $20 & lots of $5's & $1's because change is hard to come by from vendors & at the airport, you may receive change in Jamaican $$'s.
    - Gallon sized ziplock bags or extra plastic bags to pack damp or wet swimsuits, etc. in for the trip home.
    - Hair shampoo & conditioner - I have colored long hair & I bring my own because what is provided is a combo & doesn't work for me at all .... Hubby uses it & it's fine.
    - A beach bag (or you can buy one at the resort) to carry all your stuff ..... I prefer one that repels water & zips to keep your stuff dry when those pop up showers happen (& they will) ..... I have ziplock bags inside for books, camera, etc. to keep them from getting wet.
    - Hand wipes to carry in your beach bag.

    I'd suggest taking the resort orientation as soon as you can after arriving .... It's at 5:00 pm & 10:00 am everyday .... CN isn't a large resort so easy to navigate but it's a great way to let you know what to expect & where to go for the things you are looking for so you don't waste time later .... plus you meet a member of the entertainment staff that shows you around, as well as the other guests taking the tour so you've got people right off that know you by name .... That just adds to the whole experience .... Even if you're more "private", it's nice to feel a part of things right off.

    Most of all - Bring all your stress & problems so you can leave them there. CN is the BEST place we've ever found in 32 years of being married & traveling together to leave all the troubles behind & just have FUN & RELAX ..... Like someone said earlier, though, you do have to come with a great attitude. In Jamaica, things move slower & it takes a little while to get into that mode .... I remember our first trip there & it's a little bit of a culture shock but it's SO GREAT once you let yourself go with the flow. Take time to talk to the vendors along the beach as you walk & take time to visit with the staff at the resort ..... It makes your trip so much better & you learn so much.

    BTW : CONGRATS on your upcoming marriage!!!! Enjoy CN ..... We're counting the days to our return to paradise.


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    I second the "fat pants"!!! By the end of our last trip (10 nights) I'd put on 8 lbs! Needless to say, some of the shorts were fitting a little too tight.

    I would add to take more suntan lotion then you normally would use. The sun is very intense, and you will want to put it on more often to avoid a sunburn.


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    At least one maybe two swimsuits for each day of your stay. They do have really good priced laundry service but it takes a day to get your stuff back, and things dry so slow that by the time your stuff is dry it smells sour. Also bring 4 bottles of sunblock, better to have too much then not enough and have to pay out-the-ear for it at the gift shop; extra cover-ups are good too. You wont need as many "real" clothes as you think, just some nice things for dinner and something to wear home. We also brought lots of Ziploc bags including the huge storage kind. I was glad I had something to put all my sandy shoes in and snorkeling gear in. Which is something else we were glad we brought, our own snorkeling gear. But the resort does have its own for the snorkeling trips if you don't have any. Oh and a good underwater camera is a must!

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