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    Default Which is the best resort for a honeymoon?

    I have been looking at all inclusive resort options for my upcoming honeymoon in Nov 2012. Yes only a few months away and the pressure is on to find a great place to escape too. I have been considering sandals resorts when a few people suggested looking at the couples resorts. Which would you recommend for a honeymoon? We are look for relaxation, luxury, and fun.


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    We went to Couples Swept Away for our honeymoon last October......and are going back this October for our 1st anniversary, if that says anything

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    You will be extremely disappointed if you choose Sandals over Couples. I have several friends that have done both. Just book Couples and that will be one less thing on your plate!

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    Because you state that you're looking for luxury, you might be disappointed with any of the Couples Resorts. The resorts are not luxurious but are rustic--and intentionally so. We've been to all four of the resorts for a total of 19 trips, and we generally have a fantastic time, but if you want to spend your honeymoon at a luxurious resort, then you might need to look elsewhere.

    If you decide to stay at one of the Couples Resorts for your honeymoon, then you'll need to lower your expectations. No one wants you to be disappointed on your honeymoon.

    There isn't one resort that is "best" for a honeymoon. Each resort is unique, and each has its fans. There is a lot of information on this web site about the four resorts; spend time reviewing the information (e.g., read the FAQs and information on dining and accommodation options, read the MB, take the photo tours, etc.). There will be something about one of the resorts that appeals to you in particular, and that is the resort that you should choose. If you're still uncertain, you'll at least have enough information to allow you to ask specific, detailed questions designed to elicit precise information to help you make your decision.
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    What is your definition of luxury? At any couples you will be spoiled,eat and drink to much and have as much fun as you want or do nothing at all and worry about nothing. But if your looking for a butler, huge fountain in the lobby, and a Vegas style room couples may not be for you. Best wishes

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    Couples would win my vote!

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    My hubby and I got married and honeymooned with the "Be" and "S" resorts last year. We had the time of our lives, HOWEVER, when it came time to book a return trip this year, I chose Couples. After doing a ton more research and using our past experience as a guideline I chose Couples for several reasons.
    1. Couples offers the same inclusiveness no matter what room category you book. "S" resorts only offer a mini bar and room service to the more expensive rooms.
    2. Couples offers this online forum which has been an enormous help preparing for this trip (even though this isn't our first time in Jamaica) and has also given us the opportunity to communicate with other guests who will be staying at the resort the same time as us.
    3. AN areas- I was absolutely not going to try this, but with the support and encouragement from people on this forum, am kind of excited for SSB!
    4. The cost- I was able to add two more days to our vacation, even after booking the Penthouse Suite, from what I saved by booking with Couples.
    5. Each couples resort offers an a couple of excursions, included in your stay. If you are interested in participating in these excursions, you will save about $350 by staying with Couples versus paying for them at "S".

    When planning our trip last year I was overwhelmed with glossy brochures and poorly written Trip Advisor posts. I made the right choice with Jamaica, but I wished I would have considered Couples.

    While we are still three days away from our first vacay at Sans Souci, I can't speak from experience but I have a feeling there will be a whole lot of relaxation and fun. Luxury? Luxury is a little different in Jamaica, as there are goats in most people's yard and more than not a house remains unfinished for years. You'll feel like royalty because of the hospitality and the knack the employees have of remembering your name. You will quit looking at your watch and may possibly even forget what day it is, which to me is a huge luxury!

    No matter which resort you choose, rest assured you have made the right choice with Jamaica. Once you go, you'll know!!!!
    Good luck!
    Everyting irie, mon!

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    You're going to get dozens of opinions here, based on dozens of personal preferences. I have stayed at 3 of the 4 Couples and visited CN a few times, mostly just walking in from the beach to look around. I've stayed at a Couples resort more than 20 times since the early 80s, when the only Couples (now CTI) was called Couples Jamaica.

    CSS - Couples San Souci - is the most romantic. It also is more laid back than any of the other three. Since you mention relaxation as your first criteria, CSS is a perfect choice. It's a bit more luxurious than CSA (my favorite for the tropical setting) and in my opinion the better of the two on the Ocho Rios side of the island. Again, if luxury is important. Your first night in a huge Couples bed will redefine luxury, by the way. The last thing to consider is what you want to do on your honeymoon. You've got to come out of the bedroom during daylight hours. The Ocho Rios side of the island has Dunn's River Falls, which, if this is your first trip to Jamaica, you don't want to miss.

    That having been said, you will have a wonderful honeymoon at any Couples resort. Guaranteed, you'll be back.
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    Thank you for the feedback! I guess by luxury I'm looking for room service, premium alcohol, good food and fun and a room with a great view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliBo View Post
    Thank you for the feedback! I guess by luxury I'm looking for room service, premium alcohol, good food and fun and a room with a great view.

    IMO the rooms at Couples are not luxury and Pamela's response above is exactly correct. I would not book Couples if you are looking for high end accommodations and the only room service at CSA and CN is continental breakfast.

    At the S resort, room service is based on level of room booked and there are amenities provided based on the room category booked, while at Couples resorts, everyone is equal.

    Couples does have premium alcohol (better than the S resorts) and good food. If by "fun" you mean lots of hosted activities, S may be a better fit as their staff is Playmakers is very visible and tries to get guests to participate in scheduled group activities. This is not something we enjoy so Couples is a great fit for us as there many included activities but not the emphasis on getting guests to join in.

    IMO, CN is a pretty social resort with a nice pool and swim up bar.

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    If this is what you consider luxury, then Couples is the place for you. I have only been to CSS, honeymooned there last October, so I can't speak for the other resorts, but CSS is amazing. So much so my wife and I have booked trips 2 and 3 already.
    I have friends who have stayed at the "S" resorts, and yes they are nice, well appointed, lots of so called "luxury" but in the end, all of my friends, have become Couples fans. I have searched many places and resorts and none have such a loyal following as Couples has. It tells you something when people have been going to their fave Couples resort over and over. One couple I have spoken to have been to their Couples resort 76 times.
    Granite and marble does not make a resort a "5 star". Service, food, drinks, staff, and the all important ambiance is what makes a resort amazing.
    Choose one and you will love it and be back for more....

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    I haven't even been to Couples yet but I can assure you that it's the best. I have spent hours, upon hours, upon hours, doing research on Jamaica and all-inclusive hotels. I was looking into "S" and every other all-inclusive hotel in Jamaica and without a doubt Couples is the way to go. So many inclusions, the best beaches, no wristbands, no "levels" to make you feel inferior, easy dinner reservation system, amazing staff, no tipping, airport transfers... I could go on and on. So to continue what's already been said - Couples is just the best.

    My husband and I are leaving for CSA in 1 month and 1 day and I've had this vacation booked fore more than a year!

    As far as which Couples resort, we chose CSA for the sports complex but they all seem super romantic and perfect for a honeymoon (we've only been married for two years - both in our 20s) so you just can't go wrong!!

    (Sorry if I seem a little excited - like I mentioned before - I've been waiting for Couples for over a year!!!!!! and I just can't imagine choosing any other hotel)

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    All 4 of the Couples Resorts are amazing. Are you beach people or pool people? The Negril side has the beautiful beaches, where the Ochi side is more private with smaller beach areas but still wonderful. I suggest looking at all the pictures for the resorts - whichever calls to you is the place for you!

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    Sounds like you might like CTI considering it's your honeymoon and you want luxury. Of the 4 resorts, CTI is the more modern updated one and the service is wonderful as it is at all 4. Sweptaway would be my 2nd choice for you for a first time visit. My personal favorite is CSS but they're all wonderfully unique. You couldn't go wrong with any one of them.

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