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    Default A few questions about Vow Renewal

    New here! Hubby and I are booked for CSA in October (First vacay without the kids ever) and are thinking about doing a Vow Renewal. He is deployed right now and we just had our 10 year anniversary so we thought it would be a good time! We are going with two other couples who are also considering renewing their vows. So here are my questions! First off, do you have to do a package? I saw the least expensive one was $250 and we really don't want the cake and all that... just to actually recite and renew our vows. Can we do that? Or do we actually have to purchase a whole package? And Second, if the other couples decide to do it also can we have a joint ceremony? I would appreciate any info on the topic. Thanks

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    If you want a definitive answer, I think there is a link or a phone number to a stateside wedding coordinator on the Weddings page.

    Good luck and congratulations!

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    It's SO worth the 250. to do the renewal. If you look at other places it can be over 1000 dollars. We did our 25th vow renewal. We had it on the beach, which is what I wanted for our wedding. Really you want to do your own vows without other couples at the same time. It is so much more personal and lovely! we did donated $100. to the pastor as well. Also the flowers, cake and champagne are lovely and Couples co-ordinators take care of everything. If you go to the above tabs on weddings and honeymoons there is a reserve your date. You send a copy of your wedding certificate and then you spend time looking for the perfect outfits for you both! No stress except what to have for your cake flavor, I had no extra's added until it came time to pick a photo. They were so good we ended up buying a photo book, it cost around $120 but we decided to splurge.
    You get a lot for your money, IMHO. If you have anymore questions you can email me:

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    We did a vow renewal a couple of years ago. The $250 pays for a number of things . . . the minister, the flowers (which were PERFECT), the cake and champagne. And you get couples massages, T-shirts, a certificate, priority dinner reservations at Otaheite at your choice of time . . . can't recall what else. But it was very nice.

    It was a lovely ceremony -- the minister was great! Not sure there is a "cheaper" package. At some level, if you just want to recite your vows, I suppose you can do that on your own whenever and wherever you want. If you want a "ceremony" with a minister and flowers and champagne. . . well, it comes as a package.

    Don't know how it works if there are multiple couples. If you share the same cake, champagne, time slot, etc., MAYBE there would be a "discount." But you'd have to check with Couples.

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    Hi Buckeye - We were married at CN and too celebrating our 10th - congrats to you. Having done the vow renewal before, you do have to purchase the package or "do it on your own". For our 10th we decided to do it on our own - go to where we were married, renew our vows with each other, and then have a photo shoot for half hour. I think if you and the other couple did it together they would still charge each couple but you may want to check with CSA. Hubby and I understand why they charge for the renewal - but also agree with you that we don't want the cake etc. Enjoy your time and vow renewal - regardless of structure

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    We had a vow renewal on the beach at CSA several years ago, the price was lower and there was only one option, the base package available now. Our's was for our 25th anniversary also and was way worth the money to us. We spent extra money on a photo album which was also well worth it. We went very casual, our "guests" (just some friends from the beach) were all dressed in swim suits and tennis gear. We saved the cake and invited folks at surrounding tables in Palms to join us in our "reception" at dinner that night. It was a grand experience that we will remember forever. If it is in your budget and you are thinking about doing it I would say go for it, you won't regret it in the least.

    Have a great trip!

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    Spend the $250. It is sooo well worth every penny & you'll be glad you did.

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    You actually get quite a bit for the $250. I do agree that the cake was a bit much for two people, but the package had so much more.

    But if all you want is the minister to come and recite vows, contact the wedding coordinator. My recollection is that they charge outside parties a service fee to come on the premises so you may end up spending quite a bit on just the minister.

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