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    Default how many dives a day? at CN

    How many dives a day are there at CN? What times are they and how many night dives are there?


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    Certified Diver Program
    Dives are offered Sunday through Friday, deep dive in the morning and shallow in the afternoon. On Saturday morning we offer a two tank dive and no afternoon dive. The dives and gear are included with the price of your stay. Certified divers can dive once per day.

    Night Dive
    Available at $50 per person. Minimum of 4 participants required.

    I believe the morning dive is at 9 am, afternoon dive is at 12pm
    Irie Mon

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    We have be going to CN every year for many years and could always do the morning dive at nine am and the afternoon dive at one thirty. I know the web site says one a day but we have always been able to do two. Some one let me know if this has changed. Going to Cn on 9/22.

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