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    Default CN Beach Roped Off?

    Saw remark on another thread that beach on CN is roped off so you can't take long walks like at CSA? Is this true? If so, how far can you walk down? First time to Jamaica but long beach walks were one of my favorite things to do when we stayed in Dominican. Thanks much!!!

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    No, this was from a person who had only been to CSA. The beach at CSA (Long Bay) is about 4 1/2 miles long and the beach at CN (Bloody Bay) is about 2 miles long. I saw that post too and this is not true. Nothing is roped off. From the south edge of the resort, you can only go less than a 1/4 mile before the beach ends, but to the north you can go a full mile before the beach ends.

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    CN is on Bloody Bay and not actually on 7 mile beach. On Bloody Bay you only have 4 hotels and I believe a Condo unit they are Breezes Negril,Couples Negril,RIU Tropical Bay,RIU Negril and the condo unit
    You cannot walk to CSA with out going thru water

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    Think they were just asking about the water and swiming

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    It's not roped off. You can walk all along Bloody Bay. It's just not as long as Long Bay.

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    Where does it say the Beach is roped off?

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    As I understood the prior post, there is a roped off area in the water to protect the swimmers and floating folks from the motorized watersports--NOT the beach.

    Have a great trip!

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    The swimming area at all the resorts is roped off, not the beach. There's about 2 miles to walk at cnegril but not like the 5 miles or so at CSA. We love to bar hop and shop. It's one of the big reasons we choose CSA.

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    It wasn't roped off when we were there. You can't walk far to the left as the next property is the end of the line before you run into the point. But to the right you can walk quite a ways. The beach isn't as long as 7 mile beach, that CSA is on, but it's long enough.

    Enjoy your walks on the beach!

    Bart & Bug

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    We haven't been there since Thanksgiving, but nothing was "roped off." Understand that Bloody Bay, where CN is located, isn't nearly as long as 7-Mile beach where CSA is. You can probably walk a mile, maybe a bit more in total before you hit rocks (at other resorts) that prevent you from going further.

    It's fine for a nice stroll and you can, of course, walk back & forth.

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    The beach is not roped off .You can walk up and down the beach.Not a long walk however.You will see other resorts and will be glad you stayed at Couples.The water however is roped off maybe 30 ft out to protect swimmers from the boats and jet ski rental people.

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    Thanks for all the assurances! I think a couple of miles will be just fine for me- no regrets for picking CN!! Sorry after re-reading it- the post actually said "closed off" not roped off (I must have been combining with the post on the roped off area for swimming from watersports). Forgive me- I'm addicted to this msg board and try to read most all so they become easily swirled together. It was a response to the post- Negril Jamaica's Must Do's. Seven weeks from today, I will be able to have a first hand experience but am so thankful for the wisdom of those who have gone before!

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    7 Mile beach is actually Bloody Bay (where CN is) and Long Bay (where CSA is) combined - so there is not really a 7 mile walkable beach.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ggo85 View Post
    . . . Understand that Bloody Bay, where CN is located, isn't nearly as long as 7-Mile beach where CSA is . . . .
    Both CN and CSA are on Seven Mile Beach.

    Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length and is home to CSA, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length and is home to CN.
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    Welcome to the CN family. Just so you know, CN is part of 7 mile beach. 7 Mile is made up of Long Bay, which is where CSA is located and Bloody Bay, which is where CN is located. It is a lovely walk, by the way from one end of Bloody Bay to the other.
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    Just to clarify, Bloody Bay is part of the 7 mile beach along with Long Bay, home to CSA. We love to take long walks on each. However, to get from one to the other you either need to take a cab or walk along Norman Manley Blvd. for a short distance and then cut back to the beach or back to CN.

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    We walked almost every morning about 7 am. It was quiet and pleasent. The few people you ran into were always greeting you. We saw a stringray up close one morning. Followed him for a few moments and got some great pictures. It gets you ready for breakfast then a day laying on the beach.Name:  Couples, Negril June 9-16 133.jpg
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