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    Default ATI...should we be concerned?

    Hi all! We are planning a trip to CN for our honeymoon Aug 4-11th 2013. This will be in the middle of ATI. I read that sometimes this impacts the resorts in the area? So has anyone been at a Couples during ATI? And has it impacted your stay or changed the environment at CN?

    We are fun people but both non drinkers and don't party. I wouldn't want to spend my whole honeymoon surrounded by heavy partiers. If we wanted that we would have gone to "S".

    Any advice is appreciated!
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    If anyone was as confused as me, I googled "ATI Jamaica August" and learned that "Appleton Treasure Isles which is what the acronym ATI stands for is a yearly party which is held in Negril, Jamaica which is a three day party event consisting of several different parties both day and night which has been keeping for over the last 10 years..."

    I have never been to Negril during ATI, but have been to Couples enough to suggest that ATI will have little to no impact on the resort property. I would not worry about it one bit. As far as being surrounded by heavy partiers - !!! But don't worry about that either. While plenty of us go to do what we do, 99.9% just follow the only Couples rule - respect!

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    Very few ATI attendees would stay at Couples (or most AI's for that matter). They're looking for something more economical and why pay for AI when they'll spend majority of their time at ATI?
    The 2 newspapers were running articles a few weeks ago showing sample room rates for ATI weekend and the AI's were way above others (as would be expected).

    That said, a few people may be forced to stay at CN just b/c of lodging scarcity, but I wouldn't be too concerned with the impact onsite at CN. The traffic on Norman Manley boulevard is likely to be very heavy and your 1st few nights you might have late night road noise, but hopefully you'll not be too near the road (and at least it ends 8/6).

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    Well now that might be fun, something to check out.

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    I suppose it could result in more crowds and longer lines at the airport, and possibly a longer shuttle ride to and from the resort.

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    we stayed at CSA during ATI last year and the only way it impacted us was it was a few more Jamaicans staying at the resort but at night they are out partying. It won't be like an "S" at all! The only problem we had was all the traffic on the main road!

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