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    Default Will arrive Oct.29 at SSB

    We will arrive at SSB and wonder if SSB does anything special for Halloween.

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    Hi, we are Nigel & Wendy from the UK... We too are arriving at CSS on that date. We were there last year, and were taken by surprise as Halloween is celebrated with fever there!! Take fancy dress costumes as most do, it's a great night! See you there.

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    We're going that same day too! We're Chris and Amanda from Arizona, celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Wow! I didn't even think about spending Halloween there. We've been worried about our little girls having a good Halloween with their grandma that I didn't think about what we'd be doing. I guess we'll have to think of something!

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    Hi Chris & Amanda! Looking forward to seeing you there. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary so are a bit ahead of you... But we are very young at heart!! See you in the bar! Best wishes, Nigel & Wendy

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    Hi Chris and Amanda! We will be there also, we are Hank and Brittany and will be there for our honeymoon

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