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    Default ATM on resort

    We are flying out to CTI for our honeymoon on July 11th can anyone tell me if there are ATM on resort by chance?

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    Yes they have ATM
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    Never knew that . Where is it located?

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    Is there one at CSS?

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    I needed to use the ATM at CTI the first or second trip there. About half the time it did not work, and when it did the fee was like $6 or $8. I would avoid it if possible. You really don't need that much cash unless you plan to shop with the local vendors and then you need small bills.

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    Hi Crystal,
    No ATM at CSS.


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    We just got home from CSS saturday, and I swear I saw an ATM in the game room. We did not use it but noted it because we were not sure if they would have one and my husband pointed to it.

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