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    Having been CSA devotees since 2005 have been toying with the idea of doing a split next year.
    Just a few questions for those who have done this. We usually stay 10- 12 days. Is this okay for a split?
    What room cat should I choose? Usually do the atrium at Swept Away. Also what night is repeaters dinner?
    Since trading places has started each year mean to do it but sand gravity kicks in. now wished I had done it. Thanks for any info.

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    Hi Brennie,
    We are CSA loyalist and did a 5 day CN/ 10 day CSA split this year and loved it. We were already booked for 12 days at CSA when we were invited to a wedding at CN so it was a perfect opportunity to do a split. To be able to attend the wedding we had to add a few extra days and shift our reservations around a bit but it was worth it. We had been to CN once in 2003 and knew we liked it but found CSA in 2005 and had been going there since.

    If you go for 10 days I would suggest you do 4 days at CN and 6 days at CSA. I recommend taking the 12 day vacation you mentioned above with 5 at CN and 7 at CSA split. I find the transfer day is not that relaxing with packing, checking out in the morning, walking around with things you normally leave in the safe and then checking in and unpacking again. Sometimes the room isn't quite ready when you check in so again you are a little out of sorts for awhile. If that happens we go the the sports complex and lock our valuables in a locker. Even with all the moving and paper work the split was still worth it.

    We usually stay in a BFS or an Atrium too when at CSA. At CN we had a Deluxe Beachfront room. We liked it but probably would have been just as happy in the Deluxe Oceanview room. If you go with the OVR you can save a few $$ to off set staying 12 days instead of 10. The Suites at CN are double the size of a deluxe room and IMO are very much like the GHJS's at CSA. It you are happy with an Atrium you will be fine with a deluxe room category.

    The Repeat Guest dinners at CN and CSA are both on Monday nights. We didn't attend the one at CN because we moved on the Monday - but I would have liked to.

    We really enjoyed CN and found things we like better at CN than at CSA. We will go back again but probably on a Trading Places day. When we moved over to CSA, we knew we were at home. It was nice to visit CN and I would recommend it for anyone who is a CSA devotee. The same goes for CN loyalist. You should try CSA. Going to either place doing a Trading Places really doesn't give you full appreciation of the other resort. You need to spend at least 4 or 5 days there to get into the groove.

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    We did the CSA/CN split in 2011 and loved it! We were there 10 days and did a 50/50 split. We were just about used to CSA when we moved to CN. It was like getting a whole new vacation without having to go far. We booked an atrium at CSA and were upgraded to a beachfront. Then we stayed in a deluxe ocean at CN...which was great! We managed to make the repeaters dinner at both locations. Don't hold us to it but believe the repeaters dinner at CN is on Monday.


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