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    Default How are my fellow Sunbums?

    Just wondering how all you guys are doing!

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    Jon! Doing well. Seems like it's been pretty quiet on the new boards, don't know if folks are a little shy of the changes or what. Anyway. Things are good, but could use some island time. Actually things are great, Ian and Alison doing awesome. But still could use some island time We're starting the great debate about whether or not we'll be ready to leave the young one alone for an extended period of time by next summer, going to have to play it by ear I think. How's everyone else?

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    Glad to hear Alison and the baby are doing well. We have booked CTI for 5/22--5/29/09 which means we will probably miss alot of people, since Memorial Day is 5/31/09. I remember the struggle to leave the baby for an extended period that first time. It is hard but I am sure he will be spoiled rotten by whoever watches him.

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    We're doing well. also. Todd's in the middle of his year of slave labor interning at various pharmacies. We are totally up in the air about making it this next year or not. A lot depends on Todd finding a job and we probably will be late in booking. We have weddings on 5/22 and 5/27 as well so it could mean a year off for the Chapin clan. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!


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    Ugh...think another nail went into the Chapin Vacation coffin. Coworker's wife is preggers and due the end of May. *sigh*


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    Looks like I overlooked this string. What's the latest with everyone's plans. Allison, so sorry to hear that you may not be able to pull it off this year. Are you guys frozen solid up there yet? We've actually had some serious snow this winter! TI is calling my name!

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    Default Almost Frozen...

    Blair and Cynde-
    We aren't frozen solid yet but it sure hasn't been too much fun lately. They are also starting the flood predictions for this spring...apparently we're already at the same amount of moisture as last year at this time. Great...although our mayor now says that we're basically fine up to 36 ft with the addition of a couple dikes and it's nothing to worry about. We definitely are longing for a vacation...think it might happen in November though for us this year. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves and drink a couple passion punches for us!

    Allison and Todd

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    Default do you qualify to be a "sunbum"?

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    You mean, how does one qualify to become a member of the Sunbums or how did I qualify to become a member? Perhaps one of the Wales' or "The Major" will chime in on this one. Blair and I are honorary 'Bums - we are not founding members. Not sure that answers your question.

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    There is a "Major"?? This sounds offical.

    Did you guys pick dates yet?

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    Just a quick invite to all my wonderful Sunbum friends out there...if you're looking for a "different" type of sand experience and want one of the best workouts ever for your arms and back, we have a spare bedroom just waiting for you! Sandbagging starts in Fargo on March 1! Who's up for it!


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    Not sure I can make it up there to help you "work out". At least if it floods you are married to an Admiral, who shoud know about water craft. We are scheduled for our third snow fall this Louisiana! My kids think I'm crazy when I tell them it snows once every 20 years. So sad you guys will not be making it there this year. I can't wait for May.

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    Will I be seeing any "Sunbums" this May?? Hope so!!

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