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    Default Name another all-inclusive Caribbean hotel company serving these premium brands

    You can't.

    No other all-inclusive resorts offer Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker Red and Black, Glenlivet, Jameson, Crown Royal, Absolut- to name a few!!!
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    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    You can't.

    No other all-inclusive resorts offer Grey Goose, Johnny Walker Red and Black, Glenlivet, Jameson, Crown Royal - to name a few!!!
    I tell people that all the time and they still end up at the I, S, or GP resorts. Some will never learn. Once you go, you know!

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    I'm fairly sure I've seen them all at Galley Bay in Antigua. However, we far prefer Couples!

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    I love you man!

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    Hooty-Hooty.....NO ,not no one....You go Randymon !!!!

    Now if I could just talk you into Glenmorangie!!!!

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    I have been to a few including LeBlanc Spa Resort in Cancun, Iberostar Grand in Playa Paraiso (as well as their other locations), Grand Velas Resorts in MX.

    There are not many and these are high end resorts. We do enjoy the fact that Couples resorts does provide top shelf.

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    You are soooooo right! I love my filthy dirty Grey Goose martini at the Balloon Bar before dinner at Casanova's! Keep up the good work! We will be "home" again to CSS in 15 days! I can't wait!!!

    One Love!

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    Is Jack Daniels on the list? That's my usual. Although I think I am going to try more rum and vodka drinks while at CTI in November

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    I only wish Couples carried Appleton 12 year, this is our drink in Canada and I find it funny that I have to buy my own while in Jamaica. Just Sayin

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    That is why we only vacation at Couples.....premium cocktails crown for hubby greygoose for me

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    it would be nice if you could find a way to upgrade the tequila at css. only change i'd make

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    Very true

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    Default Ere De Fun Don Done ;P

    Quote Originally Posted by cigarmanpa View Post
    it would be nice if you could find a way to upgrade the tequila at css. only change i'd make
    Like most other people on this message board we love Couples. We wish we could get Sangsters Jamaican Cream Rum. Not available last trip in January. Oh well. We understand that you can`t please everyone all the time. Not a big deal. Brought home six bottles last time :P.
    Ere De Fun Don Done
    Grand Lido Sans Souci Feb. 2002, Couples Negril Feb. 2010,
    Couples Negril,Feb. 2011, Couples Negril Jan. 2012,
    Cool Runnings eh!

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    I don't know what happened in our lone trip to CSS in 2009, but they had no premium gin, only some really bad off-brand stuff, and the only scotch was Dewar's White Label. There wasn't any single malt the entire week we were there.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    omggggg I cant wait to drink everything! lol hopefully theres no limit

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    Glad to hear Grey Goose and Crown royal are available! Apriil 2013!!!

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    I personally like the "Ice Water" served at all of the Couples resorts. Only a few folks know what is really in my glass. Can you take a guess?Name:  COR Ice Water.jpg
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    Well we are visiting in October, I love rasberry Vodka, but keep the Grey Goose Flowing, You may want to stock up, I love me vodka, LOL. See you in Oct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpriscy17 View Post
    omggggg I cant wait to drink everything! lol hopefully theres no limit
    No limits.

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    Pamela they didn't have crown or top shelf vodka as CSS when we were there in aug 2009 either.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    To Pennachi- they have Jack Daniels at CN - I know because that's all my husband drank

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    They have had Crown @ CSS evertime we have gone. One of the group we usually meet drinks Crown, and he has always been able to get it on SSB. Occasionally they would have to call over to the main area for it, but they always got it for him. Usually all you have to do is "ask and you will receive". I also know during our first trip to Couples my hubby wanted Southern Comfort at SSB, and they went and got him some.

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    My husband drinks crown and I drink grey goose, and we specifically asked for it at a couple of bars and were told they didn't have it. My MIL likes black russians and they couldn't make one of those either. No Kahaula.

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    I think I'm feeling a bit left out. In our 17 years of going to all 4 resorts, I've never been able to get Grey Goose. Any hints on where to find it?

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    They do carry those brands at Excellence chain. But I am looking forward to grey goose at couples this Setember!

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