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    Default Can you return a Ring bought at Jewelry box (CSS) lost a diamond

    Hi! I bought a beautiful blue diamond ring at the Jewelry box at CSS in December 2010. I only wore it maybe 60 days alltogether and already lost one of the blue diamonds on it! I was wondering if anyone ever has ever had a problem with their jewelry and if they exchanged it upon return to CSS? Of course, I cannot find the receipt for it but they probably still have me on file???? Please help!!!

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    I have purchased several pieces of jewelry from the Jewelry Box at CSS. When you get home you should really have your jewelry appraised and get it insured. The insurance policies on jewelry is pretty inexpensive compared to what it would cost you to replace it. If Harry has a record of your purchase in the computer, he would probably give you a good price on having that stone replaced while you are at Couples. I can't imagine him exchanging the ring. I would be very interested to hear what Harry will do for you. Be sure to let us know on the message board. When are you going to CSS?

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    I think if you call the Jewel Box they will work with you to get your stone replaced before your next visit!

    All the best!

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    I doubt it.

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    Always insure your high end jewlery on a rider on your Homeowners ins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    Always insure your high end jewlery on a rider on your Homeowners ins.
    Thanks everyone for your replies, I now wish I had insured it, I didn't even think about that. I will try to get the phone number for the Jewelry Box at CSS to see if he could do anything before I get back there next April. I will post again to let you guys know what happens.


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