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    We are going to be in CN on November 1-7 of this year. Not sure which building to ask for. Has anyone stayed in Building 5?? Looking at an aerial picture if looks like there might be an ocean view from the rooms. Also you might be able to see the sunset. The only thing that worries me is that it seems to back up to another building. Not sure if that might be a problem. If anyone could help me out with this I would appreciate it.


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    Default Cn -building #5


    We stayed in building 5 during our last trip to CN. We were in a beachfront room and had good views of the water. Now I actually prefer this building (have also stayed in 6). Building 5 is really close to the water sports area and a pool and hot tub are very close by. It's a longer walk to the buffet and such, but nothing is really far away at the resort. The building behind you is part of another resort, R I believe. I didn't seem to notice much noise from it when we were there. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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    We stayed in building 5 in January 08. We did have a view of the ocean though it was somewhat limited due to the trees. It was beautiful. There is a building behind 5 but only once in six days did we see anyone over there. There was never noise from that building and it was only noticeable from the stairs and door. We stayed on the third floor.
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    LOVE Bldg. 5!! My favorite so far.
    Have stayed in 3, 5, and 8. 8 was my favorite until we did #5. Even at first I still liked #8, but #5 grew on me.
    94 more days!

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    Default Building 5

    Does anyone know if there are any of the Deluxe Garden rooms in Building 5??

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    Building #5 backs up to RUI Negril Resort.

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    We love Bldg.5 too but you really only have an oceanview if you lean out of the patio and look to the right. Do not worry, you don't even know that other building is behind you. Also if you don't get #5, they are all good rooms. We couldn't get bldg.5 last time and they put us in #1 and now it is my favorite. Oh and it use to be bldg.#6 was my favorite. IT IS ALL IRIE!

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    Hello all,

    My husband and I get a different room every time. We do request to be on the third floor. We were loving the building we were in and we were going to request it again. We decided to just wing it!! Every room is good at this resort and its fun to see where your gonna end up. You should just wing it!!!!
    205 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    We have been to CN five times. Going again for 10 days over Thanksgiving. The first year we were in building #7 on the first floor. The patios in this building open up onto the garden area around the Gazebo. One night we got "romantic" on the patio and were surprised by someone cutting through the garden area! Whoops! Now we always ask for 2nd or 3rd floor. We have always been on this side of the resort except one year we were in building #1. We called it a "Spa View room" as we were on the corner and the balcony looked over the pathway to the spa. Lots of foot traffic, not so much privacy. We tend to prefer buildings 7,8 and 9, so long as its not the ground floor!

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    We just returned from CN and stayed in building 5 on the 3rd floor. Jimnmariann was correct, you do have have to lean out in order to see the ocean, but it was all good! Never heard a peep from the RIU property that backs up to building #5. I've attached a picture of the view outside our room.

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    We never ask for a building. I don't think there is a bad building at CN and it is always interesting to see where we will be. We have loved every building we ever stayed in!

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    Just stayed in building 5. it was quiet never really saw many people at the resort it backs up to either. The view was not a big one and you had to look right off your balcony. I liked that it was somewhat away from everything. As in you did not have 3 building worth of people walking by to get to their rooms.

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    Default Bldg#5

    One more good thing about bldg#5 is that the "hidden hot tub and hammock" is right across from you.Here's a couple of pics.
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    We always request a top floor room - have stayed in all room categories and although Bldg 7 has special memories of our Weddingmoon, we really like Bldg 1. We have stayed in 5 in a beachfront and it was convenient but we did not like the lack of privacy. The stairs are great to work off the great food and drinks at CN
    Ya Mon

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