We arrived on Saturday and met with the wedding coordinator, Priscilla, on Sunday. We had the One Love package that was free with our stay. I chose the free bouquet in lavender and I also got matching flowers for my hair, and we chose the white cake, which was delicious. My fiancé needed his shirt steamed, and she took care of that. I brought along a travel steamer and steamed my dress myself the night before.

Our wedding was in the 11am o'clock slot, and if I had it to do over I would have done it at 10am. It got really hot and the sun was right in my eyes for the pictures, but the water and scenery were very vibrant. I went to the salon at 8 am because I was told it would take a couple of hours for an undo, but it only took an hour. It was $80 for an undo with long hair, but she did a really good job. I went back to my room and had time to kill, which just made me really nervous! About 20 minutes before the ceremony, one of the wedding coordinators came to help me into my dress.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was more that I could have asked for. We used the resort photographer which I agree is very pricey, but I thought they did a nice job. Keithon was our photographer. We also met some wonderful people who rode the bus with us and they came to our wedding. One of them actually did photography as a hobby and took pics for us during our ceremony. He is going to send them to us on a CD.

Our ceremony was under the gazebo on the beach, and we had cake and champagne in the garden. After that, we went around the grounds taking pictures. They were ready for us to view later that day.

We had a wonderful week at CSA. The wedding was stress free and turned out even better than we had hoped. We saw several other weddings during the week as well, and they were all very nice. I can't say enough good things about our week at CSA. We can't wait to return.