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    Default July - August 2012 Photo Contest

    The July - August 2012 Photo Contest is now open. Good Luck to all!

    The Rules of the Photo Contest are listed here and copied below.

    How to Enter the Couples Resorts Photo Contest

    Open the thread for the current contest and post up to three [no more please] images per monthly contest from your Couples vacation. Write a 25-word-or-less caption for each image. Please note that you must be registered to post on the Couples Message Board. It is a free, quick and private process.
    Besides sharing your Couples experiences and photographic expertise, your photos will automatically be entered in our bi-monthly photo contest making you eligible to win three free nights at Couples and other fun gifts.

    Click Here to see our current winners.

    Entries will be judged for quality, originality and creativity as well as the emotional response they elicit from the judges (staff in our Florida office). Contest winners will be judged from entries posted in the contest threads. Winners will be announced on the message board and notified via e-mail.

    • The 1st Place winning entry will be awarded a three-night stay at your choice of Couples Resorts. [Airfare is not included with prize.]
    • Second prize will be two Couples entwined palms pendants.
    • Third prize will be a Couples Resorts Wine Stopper.

    The winning entries will be displayed in the Couples Photo Contest Winners Gallery.

    Please Note: Photos must be your own. Photographs taken by resort or contracted photographers will not be eligible. By posting your photos on the Couples Message Board, you grant Couples Resorts free unrestricted permission to use the photos in its name and to re-use, publish and re-publish the same, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other photographs in print catalogs, mailings, magazine print advertisements and any and all advertising materials. Thank you for your participation and good luck!

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    Name:  100_0259 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  29.1 KBName:  100_0231 (640x480).jpg
Views: 7888
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    Default Pure Bliss at CSS, June 2012.

    Name:  100_0231 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  45.6 KB
    CSS is pure paradise!! Our faces say it all....happy times celebrating our 17th anniversary!!

    Name:  100_0259 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  29.1 KB
    Nightime @ CSS, so peaceful-no words come close to describing it! Once you go, you will know..
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    Name:  DSC01506 (800x600).jpg
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Size:  38.1 KB

    Relaxing and listening tunes before my wedding at Couples Negril :-)

    Name:  DSC01702 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  31.4 KB

    View from under the trees at Couples Negril. So perfect.

    Name:  DSC01635 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  32.9 KB

    Catching a "perfect pose" as my friend jumps off the catamaran after Rick's Cafe.

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    Default Couples Swept Away!

    Name:  Optimized-DSCN0439.jpg
Views: 7664
Size:  22.2 KB
    Helping her into the water. You can tell from this photo that they love each other very much! They're so sweet together!

    Name:  Optimized-PC060029.jpg
Views: 7637
Size:  41.5 KB
    The best view of Couples Swept Away

    Name:  Optimized-DSCN0610.jpg
Views: 7631
Size:  38.6 KB
    Gorgeous sunset at CSA!
    Becky & Daniel

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    Name:  2012-06-20_13-52-38_197 (361x640).jpg
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Size:  23.1 KB
    We LOVE Couples SO MUCH my hubby got this Tatoo on his calf..

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    When will you be announcing the winners for May/June's 2012 photo contest?

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    Default Twisted Palms...symbol of me and hubby

    Name:  07-10-12_1245.jpg
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Size:  44.6 KB
    Dreaming of Jamaica mon...

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Name:  Negril June 2012 272.jpg
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Size:  25.0 KB
    Now that is "HOT, HOT, HOT"!

    Name:  Negril June 2012 210 compressed.jpg
Views: 7318
Size:  90.8 KB
    Just a couple of rain drops

    Name:  P6113123.jpg
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Size:  43.1 KB
    Beautiful sunset at Couples Negril

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    Awesome photo...looks like you 2 were enjoying the sun

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    Default Csa

    Name:  IMG_0278.jpg
Views: 7266
Size:  80.3 KB the hammock <3Name:  IMG_0304.jpg
Views: 7303
Size:  63.9 KBKemar and Nevian at the Sunset BarName:  IMG_0277.jpg
Views: 7194
Size:  42.9 KB Beach entertainment

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    Default 2012 June Jamaican Photo Contest

    Name:  couples.jpg
Views: 6841
Size:  40.8 KB

    We had the most amazing time at CSA, Negril! As you can see in our faces, we are having te time of our lives!! We wil def return to CSA to see Omar, Shelley, Claude and all our faves! Much love, from TEXAS!! Yee haw!

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    Name:  IMG_0526.jpg
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Size:  58.1 KB
    Sunset through the palm trees at San Souci

    Name:  IMG_0552.jpg
Views: 6830
Size:  68.5 KB
    Relaxing in the hammock after lunch

    Name:  IMG_0619.jpg
Views: 6816
Size:  79.5 KB
    The beautiful spring-fed waterfall by Charlie's Spa

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    Name:  Beauty [640x480].jpg
Views: 6736
Size:  39.5 KB
    My Beautiful wife on Sun Set Beach CSS (my favorite picture)

    Name:  Cool [640x480].jpg
Views: 6881
Size:  32.4 KB
    Check out the reflection in my sunglasses ;0) (CSS main Beach)

    Name:  Palm Trees [640x480].jpg
Views: 6793
Size:  61.5 KB
    I made one of these in Negril last year. This one is bigger, thats my wife on a floatie in the background. (CSS Main Beach)

    Married 7/11/11 CN
    CSS Bound 7/6/12-7/16/12

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    Default Couples Resorts Through Our Lense

    Name:  97840002.jpg
Views: 6742
Size:  42.4 KBName:  Jamaica 046.jpg
Views: 6777
Size:  37.1 KBName:  97830022.jpg
Views: 6724
Size:  27.5 KB

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    Nightime views of Bayside...

    Name:  Bayside.jpg
Views: 6552
Size:  36.2 KB

    Cotton Candy skies over the Island...

    Name:  Islandgazebos.jpg
Views: 6651
Size:  69.7 KB

    Sneaking a pic of Tower Isle!

    Name:  Sneaking a pic of the Island.jpg
Views: 6555
Size:  25.9 KB

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    Morning Paradise! June 15, 2012

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    CSA Sunset in JuneName:  Photo Jun 11, 6 12 55 PM.jpg
Views: 6535
Size:  38.1 KB

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    Here are my pics from our wonderful relaxing time at Couples Swept Away!
    Name:  -1.jpg
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Size:  42.7 KB
    Name:  -2.jpg
Views: 6603
Size:  47.6 KB
    Name:  -3.jpg
Views: 6533
Size:  31.2 KB
    Name:  -4.jpg
Views: 6585
Size:  76.8 KB
    Name:  -5.jpg
Views: 6581
Size:  46.0 KB

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    Morning Paradise - CSA June 2012Name:  2012-06-14 21.01.06 -2.jpg
Views: 6414
Size:  52.8 KB

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    CSA - June 2012Name:  2012-06-12 06.26.19 2.jpg
Views: 6390
Size:  37.8 KB

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    Default Our Honeymoon - CSA 7/2 thru 7/7 (NOT long enough! Need another 3 days at least!)

    Name:  JamaicanSwan.jpg
Views: 6415
Size:  25.5 KB

    The lovely young lady that cleaned our room each day had a delicious sense of humor!

    Name:  Moonlight.jpg
Views: 6449
Size:  39.7 KB

    Enjoying a full moon after a wonderful dinner at Patois Patio.

    Name:  Paradise.jpg
Views: 6424
Size:  34.7 KB

    The view from "our" hammock...postcard material!

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    Name:  Hammock.jpg
Views: 6439
Size:  66.4 KB
    Relaxing in a hammock on CSA's beautiful beach!

    Name:  Snorkeling.jpg
Views: 6449
Size:  51.8 KB
    Snorkeling in the clear blue waters off the Jamaican coast!

    Name:  209.JPG
Views: 6399
Size:  97.3 KB
    Misplaced my sunglasses. The wonderful staff at CSA was kind enough to let me know they found them!

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    Name:  sunset.jpg
Views: 6495
Size:  33.8 KB
    A beautiful sunset on Couples Swept Away's beach after the catamaran cruise.

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