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    Default Couples Negril Bicycles

    We heard the CN has bicycles you can use. Has anyone ridden them down the road on 7 mile?

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    No bicycles at CN

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    I don't think CN has bicycles.....I believe CSA has the bikes.

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    We were there in February and never saw a bicycle being ridden or otherwise.Doesn't mean they weren't there, we just didn't see any.That being said, I'm not sure if we had found any bike we would have ventured onto the highway. We walked down the road to the little craft market and found the traffic somewhat fast and furious! Best I got for you.

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    CN hasn't had bicycles in something like 10 years.
    We asked the GM about them a few years ago and she said she had no plans to bring them back.
    So, unless something has changed very recently, you're out of luck on those.

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    This is news to me. They did not have any in February that I know of, but I am not certain that I would want to ride them on the road, the drivers tend to be a bit crazy at times.

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    Couldn't pay me to ride a bike on the highway from CN along 7 mile area ..... SCARY --- VERY VERY SCARY !!!!

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    I have ridden from negril up to bloody bay. It was an adventure, but was a lot of fun. But if you are scared of traffic and are bothered by it, you might be advised to just take a cab.

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