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    Default Wednesday specials?

    Hi do they ever have Wednesday specials for travel in 2010 or for now is it just 2009?

    We are looking to switch from another resort chain to Couples but don't want to book now and then a great deal come up for April of 2010 on a Wednesday that we miss out on.

    If we didn't have such a great 'deal' at the other resort we'd book now...Does Couples ever have Wednesday specials for 2010?


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    The Wednesday specials are different every week. I think they are based on what rooms are behind in booking and to promote early bookings. They did have a special in the beginning that was for 2010.
    Irie Mon

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    Where's today's special?

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    The specials are listed on the Hot Deals tab on top just above the pictures.
    Irie Mon

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    I have yet to see any Wednesday specials for Couples Negril, wonder if that will ever happen. We have a flight booked for end November but no hotel just yet, hoping for a good special for CN to come along!

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