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    Headed to Sans Souci in Nov. My wife is just learning to sail and would like the opportunity to practice while we vacation. What opportunities are there at SSB What type of boats are there lessons , do they cost extra?

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    Hobie cats and windurfers are your only bets. But, they are good practice. Concepts are all the same.

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    They have 4 person Hobie Cats that are usually operated by 2 and can be done by 1 person. They are included with your room and you can take one out anytime the watersports hut is open (9 to 4 I think) and the weather is not nasty. They do provide free lessons anytime they are open.
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    Hobie Cats, yes they will give you a lesson, there is on charge.

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    A clarification on the lessons for the Hobie Cats: there is a sign listing the daily times of the lessons for H.C.s and other craft (like windsurfers).
    I believe the times are 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM.
    The staff may decide to provide an unscheduled lesson if they are not busy at the time.

    At CN there is also a sunfish sailboat and I believe I saw a video of CSS that had one as well, but am not sure.

    If you (or your wife) claim to know how to sail, they usually will just ask you to prove that you can steer and can turn properly. Then you are free to go.
    In addition to the mono-sails mentioned above (I believe they are "Hobie Wave" models) that guest can take out alone, there is one dual-trapeze that, in our experience, a watersports staff member must pilot for you.

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