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    Default Experienced Penthousers Wanted :)

    Hello all! We are sooo excited, we just booked our first trip to CSS for our honeymoon in a penthouse from Oct.30-Nov.7! I have been reading a million posts about which penthouse is the best and notice that a lot of you have stayed in multiple penthouse rooms. Can you please tell me which one was your favorite? I'm not too worried since they all look AMAZING but I'm one of those who does tons of research before I go. Silly, I know. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I reserched this a year ago and here is the list I complied from comments oin this message board:

    C-08: Pavarotti (2 bedroom, 2 full bath) – Reeked of smoke
    D-20: Roger Moore (front left)
    D-21: Angela Bassett (front right) – Jackie’s favorite, one bathroom, wonderful unencumbered view of the ocean on a huge patio.
    D-14: Steve McQueen (back left) (extra 1/2 bath) – Jackie’s second favorite
    D-27: Harry Belafonte (back right) (extra 1/2 bath ?????)
    D-13: Prime Minister (far back left) (extra 1/2 bath)
    E-10: Jacaranda (one bath)
    E-11: Poinciana
    E-12: Frangipani

    We requested the Roger Moore or Angela Basset suite, but were upgraded (free of
    charge) to the Prime Minister’s Suite!
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    Our favorite penthouse was our first---The Steve McQueen Penthouse D-14. It had a huge blue-tiled walk in shower and a half bath that made getting ready to go out very convenient and you also had a huge balcony. Another plus is that D block is centrally located so not too many steps! We haven't been assigned to D-14 again, and we've loved all our penthouse suites-our 5th is coming up in July, but you always hold a special place in your heart for your first!

    Have a great trip!

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    Thanks Wally and suzyQ! That's pretty much what I was thinking just from the pictures and reviews. I definitely want D-block!
    Wally, I LOVE your picture from the "make us laugh" thread!

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    Last year we stayed in E-12 Frangipani. Small bathroom, normal bedroom and living area, but the view from the balcony is A M A Z I N G. Overlooks the mineral pool.

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    Well, Wally, you took the words right out of my mouth !! Thanks -- you saved me some typing !!

    Hoping we end up w/ our favorite again (D-21) for the 3rd time in 4 weeks & 1 day when we return !!


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    D-21...Angela Basset. The balcony is the best!!

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