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    Default Jamaica is cooler than Missouri? What?

    I was so excited when we booked CTI for Christmas and New Years. I figured the warm weather would be a welcome retreat from the potential cold and snow of Missouri. Well, yesterday I found myself wishing that we were in Jamaica now...because it was cooler there than at home! This 100+ weather can leave any time now!

    176 days

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    We go every summer to cool off. We're having a cold front right now with a high of only 99 today.

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    We left our house in NY at 2:30 am to make a 5:50 am flight at JFK. It was warmer at my house at 2:30 than it was when we landed in Montego Bay at 8:30 am. It was cooler in Jamaica than in NY some of the days due to heatwave in NY. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't overly hot or humid in Negril in June.

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    No kidding. We are from Missouri as well. It's bad when you have to leave Missouri for a Tropical Island just to cool off a bit.

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    Tru dat.

    The weather in Negril this year was way better than the weather in StL. The week we were at CSA high temp's were in the upper 80's, humidity was relatively low for the tropics and the breeze was almost constant. Great weather, the best we have had in six trips to CSA. Here in StL we are in the midst of 10+ days of over 100 degrees. Fortunately the humidity is low (for this time of year) which helps a lot, but we need rain desperately with none on the horizon, even in long range forecasts.

    Maybe the global warming thing is not all BS after all, eh? (no replies required, I've heard it all)

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    Missouri here too! Even if it is the same temp in Jamaica, atleast you can justify the humidity there with the ocean!

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    Missouri here also. Lake of the Ozarks. CSA 1-7 to 1-14 for honeymoon hopefully if our friend comes through with our wedding gift. And yes, it is to dang hot here.
    Mike and Tonya

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    Kansas City, MO area here ....... 102 on my back porch in the shade today & sounds like it's just going to keep going up for the next few days ........ Hubby always thinks I'm crazy if I mention going to Jamaica in the summer because he thinks we always need to go to get out of the cold in the winter ........ I have been telling him for the past 2 weeks that it's cooler in Jamaica than here - PLUS - there's an ocean there & lots of tropical drinks to keep you cooled off.

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    Lebanon here.. the town in the middle of MO, not the country in the Middle East.. (thought you couldn't tell based upon the current weather patterns)

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    We're in KC and yeah, 104 today and 105 tomorrow. Ugh!!

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    Default Leaving Monday

    Quote Originally Posted by jdanjou View Post
    We're in KC and yeah, 104 today and 105 tomorrow. Ugh!!
    In Raymore Missouri and packing and getting ready for my trip now, will be in Jamaica Monday July 9th .


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    Table Rock here and it hasn't been below 100 in days.

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    We just returned home to the Omaha area after spending a week at our lake house at Lake of the Ozarks. It was hot both at home and there. Gosh I miss Jamaica!

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