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    We heard that CN had bicycles which you could use. We thought if so, we could use them to ride down the road on 7 mile. Is this a good idea?

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    No way I would do that.

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    Iím a long time bicyclist. But, I would never ride the road to Negril. A lot of busses and itís the main road on the West side of Jamaica. You will understand once you are there.

    Come to Iowa and ride RAGBRAI!

    Life is good

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    At CSA, they won't even let you cross the street to reach the sports complex without a crossing guard, so I would say no.

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    I have run from CN to CSA and back about 15 times. I don't feel the road is all that bad. There are wide shoulders and there is not a ton of traffic. I do find Jamaican drivers to be extremely horny too (beep beep! they are always blowing their car horns when they go by...I think it's how they say "hello" to each other).

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