Morning all! I've been visisting the message boards more often as of late as our October trip is finally starting to get closer so I can get my FIX until then, and there have been a couple of posts/comments that have thrown me off a bit and since I can't find any info, so far, figured someone else might be able to shed some light for me.

Personal Trainer? Huh? We've only been to CN once, which is where we're returning home to in a few months, but I don't remember ever seeing anything about a personal trainer. Granted, the main thread I've seen that on was referencing CSA so maybe it's something more specific to that location considering the amazing sports complex, but just in case it's not, I want more info!

Photography Session? Again, huh? I am aware that Couples has photographers on site that walk around taking pictures (we ordered some last trip) and have photographers for weddings, but where do I get more info on booking a session that isn't related to a wedding package? That would be such an amazing gift for my hubbub!

Thanks in advance!