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    Default Piano Bar Dress Code at CN

    For men is wearing nice khaki shorts, a polo and sandals okay for the piano bar at CN?

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    Yes.Saw everything being worn but it appeared more casual!What you described is what I wore! Have fun!!

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    Of course. A t-shirt and shorts is fine. There's not relly a dress code there, per se, but shirts, shoes, and something other than swimwear would be most appropriate.

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    yes, that will be fine.
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    Sure. Some nights they have dancing with a DJ so it can get pretty warm....there's really no dress code for the piano bar.

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    No problem at all. You'll love the piano bar! Wear what you like..its very informal.

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    Anything other then swim wear seems to go. Say hello to Paul Tucker, the piano player, if you go to any of the sing-a-longs.

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