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    I recently stayed at CN for five nights in May. It was my first time at a couples resort and I really enjoyed it. Plan on trying CSA next summer but was wondering about the point system for the romance rewards. After the first night of my next stay would I be eligible for the second tier of rewards such as the repeaters dinner and additional resort credits, since that would then bring my total number of nights to six?

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    Yes and no. You will only be at the First Love level, because thos nights only count after you complete your trip and they are updated. You will get Trading Places and Repeater Dinner invite, but you will not get the T-shirts, Resort Credit or Departure Gifts (Although, I have heard of them doing the departure gift anyway).

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    No. It's not calculated until after your visit. But you would probably still get the dinner. Just let them know when you check in that you are return guests.

    Also make sure you sign up for Romance Rewards.

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    Ok, thank you.

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    I am currently showing 7 points and I'm returning in April. Can someone tell me what that would qualify me for? I know I'll get invited to the repeaters dinner and I think I'll get $100 resort credit, anything else?



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