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    Default Which is better Sans Souci or Negril

    Hi All,
    We are going back to Couples for our first wedding anniversary. For our Honeymoon we stayed at Couples Negril. We were wondering which would be better to go this time. Negril or Sans Souci?? Any info on Sans Souci would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Graphicsrich,

    That's a tough question to answer. No one can tell you which resort is better as both are similar but different and have their own personality. By the way...these are our favorite 2 Couples resorts.

    CSS is similar to CN in that they both have a AN beach, with CSS's being more private. Also, both are spread out but still easy to get around. CSS is built on cliffs so there are stairs to climb...but that just leads to some romantic exploration of this tropical paradise.

    CSS is also different from CN in that the beaches are not the soft white sand you experienced on your honeymoon but are private so you won't have people from other resorts or those selling things walking the beach. Sunsets are gorgeous but only viewable from Sunset Beach, and maybe your balcony. It also doesn't set into the ocean, as at CN, but can still be awesome. There are fewer restaurants at CSS but the food is great.

    Our recommendation is to do your homework; look at pictures and review both resorts. Once you're done, make reservations to celebrate your first wedding anniversary at the one that appeals to you both. Then consider planning to visit the other at a later time.

    Happy first anniversary and best wishes on your choice of where to celebrate it.

    Bart & Bug

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    We've been to CN and had a wonderful time and now we're going to CSS next year to try something different. I say do them both!

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    In 2011 we went to CN after much research. The key was the beach and size of the resort. In 2012 we returned to CN because it was everything that we hoped it would be. We just booked this morning to return to CN in May 2013. My motto is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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    We stayed in Negril & MoBay about (8) times in a row at CN, GLN, H-II, and we tried several resorts in Ocho and they were ok.

    Visited CSS about 3 years ago and we really liked it, the a/n beach is awesome if you want to try that, the beaches are small so that you cannot walk great distances. We loved the beachfront suites at CSS because of the great location and no steps and my wife loved the room service.

    We booked CSA back in November but had to cancel because of problems at work BUT we are going to CTI in September

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