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    Default Yesterday we received our Photo Calendar from Couples SA....Love It!

    Yesterday we received our photo shoot calendar from Couples Swept Away...Very nice and worth the $60.00 (this price includes shipping)...

    The pictures are great, and I am glad we were able to pick what photos we wanted and where to place them in the calendar.. The cover does not have an actual photo, we chose the picture of our names in the sand with date that was done by the photographer. overall very nice! and a nice keepsake of our vacation.

    Looking forward to our next vacation (hopefully at Couples TI) and another photo shoot!

    TIP - most of the packages are pricey, so be financially prepared for this if you want to purchase a lot of pics..We were happy with the 13 that we chose, and $100.00 was our limit, so this option saved us $40.00...Now I can show it offf to my family/friends and co-workers

    I will try and post a pic of here later..

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    glad you enjoyed your calendar! We had one made 2 years ago and I still look at the pictures!! Plan on framing them someday!!

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    Did you have to schedule a photo session with the photographer or did they just take your photos around the resort? For the $60 you spent did you get a cd of the photos you used for the calendar as well or just the calendar?

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    We scheduled the photo session for 10am before it got busy, and our beach shots came out great. We did not get a CD of the photos, although I.wish we had. Looking forward to doing it again.

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