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    Default Repeaters dinner at negril

    Last year the repeater's dinner at negri was Monday night at lychee ( which was amazing!). I just noticed on the website that the dinner is at Otaheite (which would be more than fine!) But lychee is still closed Monday night. Can anyone clarify? Thanks, Wendy

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    The Repeaterís Dinner at Couples Negril depends on several factors. If the weather is nice, they have it out in front of Otaheite by the pool. The used to always have it at the Otaheite if the weather wasnít perfect enough to have outside. Any chance of rain would cause them to have it inside. Lately, there have been far too many repeaters to fit into the Otaheite, so they have it at Lychee instead. The food is the same (not the usual Asian fare served at Lychee). In five trips to Couples Negril since 2006, we have had it at the Otaheite twice, outside twice and the Lychee once.
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    Imho, I think because there are so many repeaters, now the repeaters' dinner is at Lychee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxbgirl View Post
    Imho, I think because there are so many repeaters, now the repeaters' dinner is at Lychee.
    It is not just your opinion, humble or otherwise.
    Karen (the former GM, as you know) explicitly told us that she moved the repeater dinner location to inside Lychee (unless weather permitted an outside seating) because Otaheite could not accommodate the larger number of repeaters (and she had a particularly unpleasant incident when last-minute rain forced a cancellation of the dinner - or perhaps one would call it a relocation to Cassava).

    We haven't yet been to CN under the new GM (R. Bowleg) but believe he's kept the same routine in place (i.e. Otaheite is now open on Monday to general reservations, Lychee is "closed" on Mondays - rather it is open only for Repeater Dinner attendees, if needed).

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