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    Default Oh No!!! Only one pound left

    We are coffee snobs. We have our Mon-Fri morning regular coffee, our weekend hazelnut/vanilla breakfast coffee and then our special treat for Fri & Sat nights. Last September we bought 7 pounds of Blue Mountain Coffee thinking it would be enough for our special treat coffee until we return this September. Well it isn't. We have only one bag left and we still have just over 2 months to go until we return to CN on September 8th. Yikes!

    I think we will have to buy 10 pounds this time. Thank goodness for the $400 resort credit.
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    Posts 88 Ok ... Boomer calm down now....think damn it think, did we hide any anywhere else? Maybe SHE has some at her house.. maybe SHE knew we use all of ours and she could control us that way....NO she would never do that Our girlfriend loves us...maybe our eyes are bad this morning it is early you know ...slowly look in the cabinet again.........Damn!.. none....maybe we left some in our suitcase maybe it's just sitting there waiting for us waiting to make us happy again,..that's it, we are stupid and didn't unpack all of it...quickly to the closet...Damn!...nothing...I bet that customs guy stole some ..that's it, it was the customs guy..well wait till we see him again..we will get our precious back it's our that doesn't make sense .....ok easy now Boomer this is just a bad dream ..think.. think.... pinch yourself...OUCH....dang it's not a dream! How will life go on??? Why will I even get out of bed tomorrow??? My last bag of Blue Mountain coffee!!!!
    Where did I put that gun???? OH wait!!!.....Ebay....yeah!!!!!!!!

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    I thought this thread was in reference to weight loss! I was prepared to give you tips on losing one more pound in one day! LMAO!

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