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    Default JANA update--a high schooler! :) :)

    Hello Friends!

    Today was Jana’s first day of high school!! She had a good day! I think she was ready to go back after an especially long summer (her school is under construction so they started later than usual). The thing she hates most about school is getting up early in the morning... She was chosen for the high school show choir and she is very excited about that. She is also dancing and helping teach a dance class again this year.

    Jana goes back for a complete check-up on the 21st. We expect only good news but it is always nice to have the reassurance. They will do some extra testing to check her immune system because of her ongoing illnesses and infections. This will mark 2 ½ years of remission!! She has recovered nicely from her knee surgery and we are so glad they found the problem and repaired it. Now, she is having trouble with her foot from show choir camp and it is showing signs of a stress fracture—always something!

    Jana is enjoying the life of being an only child. Although she misses her sisters, there are certainly things she does not miss and kinda likes calling the shots!

    We moved Holly for her senior year of college a few weeks ago. It’s hard to imagine that we moved Holly for her freshman year a few weeks after Jana’s diagnosis. I can’t imagine how we did it—we just did, I guess! Holly keeps so busy and is looking at grad. schools. She would be a permanent student if finances would allow that!

    We moved Emily to the University of Maryland 2 weeks ago for her freshman year. Wow—that was a tearful goodbye. I had such a hard time leaving her there—so far away from us. It was a long 9-hour drive home. She won’t be home until Thanksgiving break, but Russ and I are going there in a couple of weeks to see her. I can’t wait!

    28 days until our trip to CSS!! I can’t even believe we are going and in less than a month!! We need, need, need time to rest & relax and be a COUPLE. Russ’ dad will be here and will stay with Jana to get her to school and her activities. Jana and “her papa” have gotten very close since January when Russ’ mom passed away. She will be fine while we are gone, right??

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    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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    Another wonderful milestone for Jana. She will have a great time making memories with her Papa while you have some much deserved "Couples" time.

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    I don't think there is a high school student that likes to get up early in the morning. Sounds like your family is continuing to thrive. Good luck in high schoole Jana. Lisa, here's a wish to have a great trip to CSS.

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    I love reading your updates. I am so happy that things have worked out for your family. You have made me smile on more than one occasion. You deserve this vacation more than anyone that I know. GO, HAVE A GOOD TIME, and DON'T WORRY. Easy for me to say, I know, but things are going to be fine. Jana and her papa are going to be better than fine. I am sure that they also are going to have fun while you are gone. I know that you don't know me and all, but I truly hope this is the best vacation that you ever had.
    Your girls are BEAUTIFUL and you have done a truly wonderful job.
    Its your turn for a little while.
    Let us know after Jana's Dr. visit on the 21st. And know that your Couples family is always here for you.


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    Ahh Lisa,

    I don't need to tell you to enjoy these years, it seems like you blink and they are gone.

    You are so gonna love CSS!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. Jana and Papa will have great fun!

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    I, too, have a child that started high school!! Can't believe how fast they grow. I, so look forward to the "Jana Updates". You are truly blessed with a beautiful family. Now....get back to Couples and reconnect with the love of your life!!! Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip!!

    P.S. Have you had anyone drop off anymore "Friendship Cakes"? I will never forget how hard I laughed reading that post!!!

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    Jana in high school????What a treat the teachers are in for..LOL

    We have followed Lisa's thread about Jana from day one..We have prayed and we continue to pray.

    Peggy and I have had the pleasure of meeting Jana,Russ,Lisa,Holly and Emily and we love this special family so much.

    We thank Couples for allowing us to receive updates on Jana(Our Couples girl)


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    It has certainly been quite a journey. I remember reading those early posts and thinking, "Whoa!! This family has some tough shit".
    The months kept going by and you found the strength and courage to , not only deal with the situation facing you, but you also kept us informed via this outstanding message board. And thus began a journey for all of us to share. Even though we could not help you and your family in a more direct way, we did what we could do. And that was to help all of you with our thoughts, prayers, support, advise, encouragement, praise, and love.

    You should have seen me while I was reading about Jana starting High School. I was cheering, yelling, crying, jumping up and down. This time the "good guys" win.

    Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop. I know that you and Russ will really have a great time when you get "back home".

    Yup. Quite a journey indeed.


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    I agree with Tommy, Jana in high school the teachers had better look out. LOL.

    Richie is right you have allowed us to journey with you and your family on an emotional roller coaster the last couple of years. Your journey has touched many people. I would guess that those of us who have figuratively walked this journey with you we have learned a lot about ourselves and about the power of hope and prayer. As Richie said we did what we could, we cried with you, we jumped for joy when the news was good and we held our breath when the news was not so good.

    Like Tommy I have had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting Russ & Lisa and Holly, Emily & Jana, I am blessed by having met them.

    That is what makes the MB such a powerful tool; it allows people the opportunity to share stories of their vacation and to share their lives both the ups and the downs. It helps strangers become friends. What a blessing.


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    It is always good to hear about the young ladies! One thing I love about the Couples MB is the fact that it helps develop an extended family for those of us who use it. Jana may have the biggest FANily I have ever seen! We all love to hear the news!

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    Default Thank you, our friends!

    THANK YOU for celebrating another milestone with us.

    Jana, (the typical teenager) thinks these milestones are "whatever" and just rolls her eyes when I make a "big deal". lol

    It makes me so happy to think of our MB friends continuing to cheer, jump, smile, cry, and laugh as we cherish the good times and prove that we beat the beast! You will never know how much this message board has carried us through the worst and best of times.

    p.s.--Kristen--no more friendship bread...thankfully! Thanks for making me laugh out loud as I recalled the story as well.

    Hugs to all, Lisa
    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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