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Thread: CSA Dive Depths

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    Default CSA Dive Depths

    Was wondering how deep the scuba dives are at CSA? Just wondering which underwater camera I need to bring.


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    80-90 ft max in the morning, 50 ft max in the afternoon.

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    Most decent camera underwater housings are rated to a depth of at least 40 metres (130 feet). This provides some level of redundancy on shallower dives.
    Over the years I have seen several people with a flooded camera after a dive.
    Here's my tip - Use a number of memory cards rather than just one, then if the camera does flood you at least have some photographs.
    Ian and Vanda

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    I'm gonna rent a camera from a local dive shop for the trip just to be safe. I'm hoping to dive 3 out of the 4 days I'm there!

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