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    Default Water temerature

    Hey all, I know this may be a silly question, but what is the average water temperature of the caribbean sea at CSS In the month of September ? Thank You.

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    My Wife and I ussually go to CTI in mid July and the water temp there is ussually high 80s to low 90s. if you check out the tropical weather at accuweather they have satellite maps that will give you the water surface temps. Right now it looks like it is mid 80s. Don't forget though if you dive it will tend to be about 10 degrees cooler past 60ft.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    I can't speak to CSS.. but CSA (on the other side of the island) in September is beautiful. easily over 70 in the mornings. It's not cool, that's for sure. (That would be my trip to Nassau in March. After you got in it was fine...but at first..... COOOOL)

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    It looks like somewhere around 80 degrees F.

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    Perfect between 80-84 degrees.

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    It's mid-80's all summer, getting down to high-70's in the winter.

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    Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Water Temperature Sunshine Hours Probability of Rain Humidity
    January 23C 73F 29C 84F 27C 81F 8 28% 81%
    February 22C 72F 30C 86F 27C 81F 9 20% 79%
    March 23C 73F 30C 86F 26C 79F 8 16% 77%
    April 23C 73F 31C 88F 27C 81F 9 21% 78%
    May 24C 75F 32C 90F 28C 82F 8 35% 79%
    June 25C 77F 33C 91F 28C 82F 8 29% 78%
    July 25C 77F 33C 91F 29C 84F 9 27% 76%
    August 25C 77F 33C 91F 29C 84F 8 35% 77%
    September 25C 77F 33C 91F 30C 86F 8 40% 79%
    October 24C 75F 32C 90F 29C 84F 7 41% 82%
    November 24C 75F 31C 88F 28C 82F 7 36% 81%
    December 23C 73F 30C 86F 28C 82F 7 30% 80%

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    Not sure of the exact temperature but you certainly won't be feeling chilly when you get in, nor will you be feeling overly warm. It's just perfect. We spent much time just floating and loving every minute.

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    From now til Sept, water temps in the ocean should be in the mid 80s. Storms and heavy rains can temporarily change that. Off Sunset Beach, the White River meets the sea, so those water temps are mixed- I'd say mid 70s to 80 and up. Depends where you stand!

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