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    Default sunset bar & grill

    I understand that sunset beach is a nude beach but can we have lunch with clothing ? Can guest just come over and have a drink,swim and have a bite to eat staying up at the pool area wearing B-suit?
    I don't mind laying in the sun nude but do not want to walk around or eat nude...
    Is there another beach grill?
    We are leaving 11/09 for 8 nights...from NJ.

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    There is a beach grill off the main beach, but it is quite a walk from SSB.

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    There's another beach grill for clothed guests. SSB is nude only until 5pm.
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    Which resort? I can't say I've heard of this... but then we're SweptAway devotees...

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    Yep, there is a beach grill on the main beach. Just head on over there for lunch.

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    There is another beach grill by the main beach and pool and they have (or had) a more extensive menu, anyway. And the food at the Sunset Grill is nothing to get naked over. (Now, if you're already there and don't want to leave... that's another story.) Since the Grill is located right there at the nude pool, it would definitely be frowned upon to go there clothed. I saw a person or two wrapped in a towel, but no one with bathing suits on.

    Enjoy your trip to CSS!!

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    After spending 8 glorious days at CSS, 7 spent at SSB, I can tell you the following:

    1. Always take your towel to sit on if you sit at the bar on the stools. It is considered impolite to sit directly on the stools unless you are on the ones in the pool.
    2. You can wrap in a towel to sit at the bar and eat but no clothes allowed. The grill is good, but I LOVED the lunch buffet at the restaurant so my hubby and I used to throw our suits on and walk over to the regular area to eat and sometimes partake in water sports. It's just a quick easy 5 minute walk. That is one of the things I love about CSS - you can lay out naked all day and still pop your suit on to go over and take advantage of the other areas without any fuss or a lot of time and energy wasted.
    3. Anybody staying at CSS can go to SSB and have a drink, swim, etc. but they must be au naturel as well. Sorry, it is not a clothing optional beach. If you haven't been, though, you will find it is fantastic! Enjoy!!!

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    Sun Set beach is nude only during lunch. You are only a 5 min or so walk from the main beach grill and a restaurant. After 5 pm you can go to sunset beach with clothes on.
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