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    We booked CTI (hotel only) for the promotion that ended June 30 that featured the $350 spa credit, and $150 gift shop credit. Question is; when and how do we pay the balance? (not Love Away plan)

    Also, how are the spa and gift shop credits redeemed?

    Also, how much notice do you require to do the Trading Places program during our stay? We are Romance Rewards customers.


    Looking forward to our 9th visit to Couples Resorts!

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    I believe that the balance is taken 45 days from your trip. They take it from the credit card that you used for your deposit.

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    45 days prior to arrival is when final payment is due.

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    You can pay the balance at any time (as long as it is done > 45 days prior to arrival). Just call Couples directly and tell them you would like to pay your balance and they will take care of you.

    Based on my understanding of previous posts regarding the resort credits, you will be given vouchers upon arrival. You will take these vouchers with you to the spa/gift shop and will show them there, but will not turn them in. Basically, your products and services will be charged to your room and you will "pay" for them upon check out with your vouchers. If I am incorrect, I am sure other posters will correct me.

    I have not done the Trading Places Program yet, but am looking forward to it in October! I imagine that it is very similar to all other things that need reservations in that they start signing people up a couple days in advance and you can continue to sign up until spaces are full. They only take 10 couples each day (3 days a week), so the sooner you go to sign up, the more likely you are to be able to participate.

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    "Also, how are the spa and gift shop credits redeemed?"

    You book your spa treatment and show your voucher. You make your purchase and it will be charged to your room. Your amounts will be taken off when you check out, but make sure you keep your voucher with you. We had a small problem at check out with a spa treatment that had been billed to
    our room and not taken off our spa credit. It was resolved before we left.

    "Also, how much notice do you require to do the Trading Places program during our stay?"

    You are supposed to book 24 hours in advance, however if you know when you want to go, book when you arrive. This was only done on M, W, & F while we were there. They only take 10 Couples so it can fill up. You can't do anything while at CSS that requires reservations (Spa treatments). I hope this helps!

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    We booked our April 2010 trip using the Love away plan back in March 2009. Now that we have paid off the 2009 trip before the interest kicked in on the credit card, what would the process be to increase our monthly payment on the love away plan so we can have more of the trip paid for before the final payment is due 45 days prior??
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    Hi Yammy,

    Simply call 1-800-COUPLES and tell us how much you would like to pay each month.

    Couples Resorts

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