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    Default Weddings are the BEST at CTI

    Greetings to all:

    What a great wedding at CTI yesterday. The couple really enjoyed the ceremony.
    We are waiting for you here.

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    Couples Resorts

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    Beautiful! What was the location for this wedding? We are getting married at CTI in August and are torn between the beach and the gardens!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by allisonb543 View Post
    Beautiful! What was the location for this wedding? We are getting married at CTI in August and are torn between the beach and the gardens!!
    This location is along the sea wall in front of Building 4. You are up above the water by several feet.

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    That is close to the swim up pool bar and where we got married. Beautiful spot overlooking the ocean!

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    Allison- looks like the gardens!(over looking the can have the island in a lot of your pics!) I got married here 5/26/12. I have my pictures under Jeff & Holly in the wedding part if you want to look I really didn't like the beach set up its very small, and i don't think I would like getting married next to people laying out? But the garden's is behind the swim up pool (another worry of mine) BUT they were super quiet and stopped to watch. I was set on beach after the ceremony that's where most of our photos were, and well trash the dress as well! Happy planning! CTI was amazing!

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    I got married on the beach and it was perfect! The people on the beach where very respectful and gave us our space. Plus it made for some nice pictures. We did the cake and the signing over in that garden area over looking to ocean. So it was sort of nice to get both locations sort of at the same time. Wouldn't change any of it for the world! They do such an amazing job there.

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    Did you ladies pay per picture or get the packages?

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    We were married at CTI in the location by the sea wall on 11/10/10 and it was beautiful. Our license signing and cake and champagne toast were done in that same area, just a bit further down closer to the pool with the swim up bar. We had no issues with privacy and felt it was secluded. The background was gorgeous in all our pictures. We used the resort photographer and purchased the package. We were very pleased with the quality of the pictures. In fact, we were very pleased with everything about our wedding ceremony. It was an amazing day.
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    We bought the smaller package (18 photos I think). The photographer took all the photos we wanted and we then went through them all the next day to choose the ones we wanted. We did the smaller package to only cover the ceremony and group shots. Then we had my brother take all of our other photos.

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