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    Default Attention: 70 & Over Crowd

    We've been trying to convince my mother & her significant other to stop "cruise-ing" and try Couples. We think they'd totally love it! We've shown them pictures of our trip to CSA & have told them about CSS (where we're off to next month!!) but they are not sure. They've been on the MB but still aren't sure. Today they said they were considering the "S" resort which we quickly tried to nix & suggested they get back on the MB for everyone's opinion of that idea. They're afraid they're going to be bored as they want to vacation for 14+ days. Actually, they're not very active but do enjoy sightseeing. Any words of advice we can give them as to why they should try Couples?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Never the "S" place, it is a class system, they will mostly not enjoy the trip, we did not. They charge for all off site trips, Couples includes them.
    Irie Mon

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    Default Not a problem!

    OK....we are both 70 (in fact 72 and 71) and have enjoyed Couples CSA for the last 3 years. We have NEVER felt out of place. We see a number of people in our age group and get along famously with many younger. The is truly the "fountain of youth". They will love it. By the way, we did the "S" resort in the Bahamas and St. Lucia....not even close. Couples rocks!!!

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    We used to go to the "S" resorts several years ago before we found Couples & we enjoyed it at the time other but we always felt "OLD" & like we were with a bunch of teenie boppers because it seemed like the most of the guests there were in their early 20's. We were in our mid 30's into our very early 40's at the time & felt a little out of place. The activities were geared toward the younger newlyweds. We were SO thrilled when we found Couples & their were more guest of all ages plus the resort wasn't so loud & in your face. Couples is definitely more about romance & spending time together. Think your mother would be much happier at Couples.

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    My parents were soured on JA, because their only experience was the "R" resort. They absolutely hated it. From the accommodations to the food, to the constant tipping for good service. My DH and I have FINALLY convinced them to come to Couples, by the time they get there in 2012 (going for their 50th anniversary) they will both be in their 70's. At CTI, we have experienced couples of ALL ages. They will LOVE it!! I promise.

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