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    Default Great house veranda suits

    i would like 2 no of the great horse veranda suits r good 2 stay n....we r planin a stay n may of 2013... want 2 no what my options r from previous guests.

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    Well my husband and I booked a great house veranda suite.W e got stuck in a room over looking the alley, behind the grill and the resort next door. The resort was doing some work on the roof, we came in one day and found a man sitting on the railing of our room. We were shocked!!! We asked to be moved to another room. We were moved the next day. It just sucked because we werent able to unpack. We have stayed at Negril 5 times. This was our first time to CSA, we were dissappointed. We wont be going back. This year we are going to try CSS.
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    We might have gotten the same room as you Myapapya. We were on the top floor all the way at the end. Our balcony overlooked the adjoining property, not a great view at all. Not to mention that there were always people over there, making it uncomfortable for us to even go on our balcony.

    Not to mention that there were some people on our floor who decided to partake in a lot of the "smoking" going on. And the smell flooded the hallway. We couldn't walk to our room without having to breathe in the stench of it. The room was nice and everything, but we probably wouldn't stay in them again.

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    Hi kurbunz--I'm from Peoria, IL. We've been to CSA 12 times. It's a great place.

    If you are looking for nice room, but don't care about the view, then the Great House Verandah Suite (GHVS) is fine. My wife and I enjoy sitting on our verandah, having coffee and enjoying the view every morning, so we always opt for an Atrium or a Beachfront Suite.

    I would suggest a Garden Verandah Suite (has a TV) or an Atrium Suite (no TV). You may have a partial ocean view witht these rooms or at least a great view of the gardens. The GHVS are more like a hotel room. They are nice inside, but not for us.
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    We stayed at the Great House with three other couples. Their rooms all had amazing views, mine not so nice. The only thing I didn't like was the hallways echoed and if people came in late at night their loud conversation in the hallway would wake me up.

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    We stayed in these rooms, room number 5104 during our trip, and our view was actually really pretty good. We were on the 2nd floor, and we could see a bit of the ocean and the walkway that led up to Patois/Feathers from our room. It was pretty quiet most of the time, but one night people at Aura decided to open the door into the hallway not so far from our room and it was a little loud.

    Overall, we loved this room and it was so economical that it made our trip much more reasonable. Our room was also a "corner" so it had a triangular, huge balcony that way way more room than we needed, but it was super nice to relax on the balcony. It was pretty private, too, because of the palm trees, which was awesome.

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    We just returned yesterday from CSA and stayed in the Greathouse. Our room was on the 3rd floor just beside the oceanfront suites. It was #5206. We loved it. Very close to Patios, pool, grill and night activities. We had a great view of ocean and pool. What we liked the most was the privacy of the veranda. Great place!

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