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    Hi everyone!

    I know this isn't on the Wedding board, but I felt it might apply to more than just those on that board. I booked my wedding for 4 p.m. on April 16, 2013. However, even though this isn't quite in rainy season, I'm worried that we may have rain during that time. How common is rain during this time of year?

    Also, on TripAdvisor, a few people have said they felt rushed through their weddings. Is this the case? One person even said they didn't get to try their wedding cake!

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    We were actually married at CN on April 17th a few years ago. We had an evening wedding and it rained earlier that day for maybe 15 minutes and then cleared up like always.

    I saw that review on TA and I don't believe it at all. There is litterally no way that they were not able to try their wedding cake. I mean part of the wedding is the bride and groom cutting and then eating the cake.

    They (Couples) even had the rest of our cake wrapped up and sent to our room for us while we enjoyed dinner with our guests.

    So to answer your question, no, no we didn't feel rushed at all during our wedding. They were great.


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    Thank you so much! You just completely put my mind at ease.

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    We didn't feel rushed at all during our wedding. And it did rain when we where there (end of Oct. 2011) but never for very long.

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    We were not rushed at all and we got married March 2012. Ditto to all who said the same. There is a special part during the "reception" where you eat your cake and it's really neat the way the wedding planner explained Jamaican tradition. I definitely do not believe anyone who says they didn't get to eat their cake! Also, when we were might rain for a few minutes, but usually the sun would pop back out soon they would just postpone your wedding for a minute or two. No worries!!!

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