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    Default DELUXE OCEAM ROON CTI - Bathroom?

    So I can't find an answer. What are the bathrooms like in Deluxe Ocean Cat. at CTI. I hear they are small, no bathtub and so on. Then I hear bathtub and larger than most. Please clue me in on the true story. We have booked on Oct 11th - 16th 2012 at CTI a Deluxe Ocean Room.... Thoughts?

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    I think the only rooms that have a tub are the suites. They have walk in showers. Some of OD are larger than others, consequently the bathrooms may be larger. In building 1 the rooms are smaller, but the view is excellent and the building quieter as there are only 10/12 rooms in the building. It is on the end, so no foot traffic. The other OD are in building 4 and they are larger. Some of the views may be slightly obstructed by the swaying palm trees. This building is above the swim up bar and there may be foot traffic depending on the floor you are on to building 5. We have stayed in both building and loved both rooms. We don't spend a lot of time in the room, let alone the bathroom, so it doesn't matter. The rooms all have a large mirror over a mantle type shelf where you can get ready if there isn't enough room in the bathroom for both of you to get ready at the same time.

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    I would like to know this as well.

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    We stayed in a deluxe in 2010, the washroom was exactly like your regular hotel bathroom. Our shower did have a built in bench which was nice. We had to shuffle around eachother in the washroom which we don't mind at all but some might.

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