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    HeLLo ...we will be arriving to MoBay on July 5 and we booked our week at CSS online. We are simply confused about our airport transfer situation. The online deal included the transfer and as I understand it Couples in general also includes the transfer.

    The online venue called us for the flight info to schedule this transfer and they said that it's through them not Couples. However, we would like to use the couples transfer.

    Is there any rule that you have to book through Couples to use their transfer??? Please advise me how to handle this to avoid unnecessary complications ...

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    Do not use or PAY for the online deal transfer. No matter HOW you book your stay, as long as you are staying at Couples then they provide your transportation. It's part of your hotel price already.

    If Couples knows that you are checking in to the hotel that day, then they will be expecting you.

    Just look for this and you'll be good to go!
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    All you need to do is go to the Couples Lounge - someone will be there waiting to take you to CSS. No Worries - you do not need to do anything but arrive.

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    No one really explained what you do:
    After your flight arrives you will be directed to customs, after going through customs you will proceed down a long corridor to the exiting section of the airport. Once you enter this large room you will see the "Couples Lounge". There will be staff outside the door in the Couples uniform that will take your name and resort, tag your luggage, and direct you to the Couples Bar! After that, your vacation is worry free, couples will take care of you. They will call for the driver and you will be escorted to the van for transport to your resort. The driver of the van does not "work" for Couples, and they do appreciate tips, but after that you are not expected to tip at the resort. Hope this helps.

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    Call the 1-800 number or e-mail the resort to provide Couples with your flight information. Your names will then be added to the list of arriving guests for that particular day. When you arrive at the Couples lounge, check in with the staff member at the front desk, grab a Red Stripe, and you'll be on your way before you know it.
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    Thank you all for help.

    I cant believe the people from the online venue gave us the wrong info twice. I called twice thinking the first person might not know what they were talking about... BUT no they both said, "NO we will provide the the transport NOT Couples". So they had been calling for our flight times and I was bummed cos I wanted to have my minutes at the couples lounge!!!

    Today when I called the story was different now they took our info and will forward it to Couples & hopefully all will be fine!!!

    OMG 5 days to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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