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    Default CTI October 2012 -

    So I read another Oct 2012 thread but it sounded like everyone was talking about 2011. SO I though I would ask who else will be there. We are new to couples. Charlie and I are in our mid 30's just wanting a great break from the hectic life in Chicago. So if you are going write and infro yourslef... please.

    - Cortne

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    You need to be on the other thread. The one with 87 posts on it. 2011 thread will be pages back by now. currently there is a 2012 and a meet up 2013 thread active. there are many repeaters. I'll add you to the list.

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    We will be there Oct 13-19. After 10 years finally making our 2nd trip to CTI. Can't wait to leave Kansas for a bit!!!

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