We just returned from a wonderful, relaxing week at CN. We visited last year for four nights and fell in love with CN. Four days is just not enough, so we returned this year for 7 days. Guess what? It still was not enough.

The day we arrived, we had a torrential downpour all afternoon and into the evening. Extreme lightning too. It was really beautiful to watch the rain and lightning from the Cassava Terrace while we had a late lunch. It was kind of relaxing after a day of travel, so we didn't mind and just decided to enjoy Mother Nature. Even some of the staff stated they had never seen rain or lightning like we had that afternoon. Fortunately, even though the weather forecast was for 100% chance of rain for the next two days we only had cloudy weather, not rain. So we still enjoyed the pool. We decided to stay off the beach since I was afraid of sand fleas since the sun had not been out. The remainder of the week was 100% delightful sunshine and bright blue skies. Not even an afternoon shower. We sat on the beach the remainder of the week, enjoying the sun, floating in the calm sea, and using the red flag service. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect time. Since we desperately needed to unwind, we did not do much other than eat, drink and relax by the pool and on the gorgeous beach. The water was so clear and calm.

We ate at all the restaurants and thought the food and service was good at all of them. We really enjoyed the beach party. Did get a few bites during the evening, even though sprayed bug spray.

We did the trading places to Swept Away. We wanted to see if we were missing out by not staying there. We really enjoyed the day there. Everything was beautiful, the food was good, but were glad to be home to CN at the end of the day. We just liked the intimate feel of CN better, the vibe, the pool scene, and that all the restaurants were centered around the middle of the resort instead of at both ends. It was also easier to find chairs in the shade and the sea was calmer. That being said, we could not find anything bad about Swept Away and think we would love it too if we stayed there.

However, CN was the resort that called to us and now we know why. "So if it ain't broke, don't fix it." We have just reserved CN for next June 2013. Can't wait to go home again. It is paradise.